Starting a Cohabitation Life with Her, I’m Going To Live With a Beautiful Girl In My Class

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Tsukasa Tendou is a first-year high school student at one of the leading prep schools in the prefecture.

In his class, there is a beautiful girl who can be described as a Yamato Nadeshiko. She is in the same class as Tsukasa, but they have almost no contact. She has excellent academics, and good looks, and is the only daughter of the president. The difference between her and Tsukasa is so great that there is a wall between them that cannot be overcome. They only occasionally exchange greetings, and he doesn’t think they’ll have anything to do with each other in the future.

Tsukasa lives alone and works part-time on weekends. He doesn’t interact much with his classmates and is somewhat of a loner. Although he can study reasonably well, he always listens to music at his desk during breaks.

In the midst of this repetitive daily routine, he met her.

She was sitting alone on a bench in front of the station. Normally, he would have walked past her without saying a word. But that time, he called out to her.

She had a large Boston bag beside her schoolbag and was staring into the distance. It was late at night, and normally she would have gone home by now.

“What are you doing here at this hour? Hurry up and go home.”

She looks at him and bites her lip as she answers.
“Tendo-san? It’s none of your business.”

“I see. Have a safe trip home.”

This is the story of two people who begin with such a conversation.


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