When I Went Back to My Parent’s House, I Started Living a Pampered Life

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A boy who has been abused by his mother since he was a child.

Even though he does his chores and studies hard, he is never recognized. He is forced to work even though he is still in junior high school, and is exploited with unreasonable violence. His hopes for higher education went unheeded, and he was simply oppressed.

One day, a beautiful young woman who claims to be a lawyer comes to visit him.
From that day on, the boy’s life would change forever.

His grandfather, a wealthy man, tries to spoil his grandson, whom he has finally met.

The servants, moved by his youthful appearance, do their best to spoil him.

Eventually, his wish comes true and he is admitted to a high school, where his classmates, a neat, black-haired senior, and a homosexual sergeant all struggle to be kind to him, sometimes spoiling him, sometimes doting on him, and sometimes corrupting him.
The people around him see this and try to spoil him even more.

The boy, who has had the hardest time of anyone, becomes happy while being pushed around by the people around him who are too overprotective in his 180-degree change of life.


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