V1 Chapter 17 | Dinner Preparation

“Tendo-kun, is it okay if I do this right here?”

“Uh, that’s fine.”

I’m in Himekawa’s room right now.

I went shopping with Himekawa and was finally released a few minutes ago while still feeling dizzy.

I put my luggage into Himekawa’s room, and quickly put up the curtains.

The bag is still not empty, but the sun is beginning to set.

I mean, why are there so many things to buy? I thought you were buying too much from the start. 

I thought about this and asked Himekawa about it while she was shopping, but apparently, she needed everything.

When shopping, you need to make a clear distinction between ‘what you need’ and ‘what you want,’ or you will end up buying unnecessary things.

So many items are necessary for a young lady.

“Hey, can we stop for the day and continue tomorrow? I’d like to get ready for dinner soon.”

Himekawa is on a chair to install the curtains she bought, but she has been dizzy since earlier.

When I tried to install them, she refused, saying she would do it herself.

I could easily install the curtains if I were tall enough, but Himekawa’s height is far beyond my reach.

I admire her spirit to do it by herself. I had no choice but to watch her for a while.

However, Himekawa’s thighs were constantly flashing in front of my eyes.

I’m sure you know that, but men are sad creatures. ……

“I see it’s that time already. We are having a lot of fun and it is something new. Time flies so fast.”

As Himekawa was about to get out of her chair, she unexpectedly slipped and almost fell out of her chair.

“Look out!”

I made a dash to catch Himekawa.

When I tried to support Himekawa with my arms, I slipped on my own feet as well and ended up on my face in front of the chair.

Himekawa’s full weight and all the momentum from the fall are on my back.


I let out an inarticulate voice.

“I’m sorry. Tendo-kun, are you okay?”

Himekawa, who is sitting on my back, looks into my face.

I want her to move out of the way quickly before I do. I can’t say it’s heavy.

“It’s okay.”

I was slightly teary-eyed as I looked at Himekawa who stood up.

I don’t want to say it hurts. But the tears are about to come out on their own.

Without looking at Himekawa, I held my back and started to walk out of the room.

“I’m going to start preparing dinner. Call me if you need anything.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? Feel free to tell me if it hurts, okay?”

Saying it hurts doesn’t make the pain go away. It’s better to be quiet.

I leave Himekawa’s room and move to the kitchen. 

I sit on a kitchen chair and lie down on the table. My back hurts.

It is more painful than I thought it would be. I bring my right hand up to where the pain is and rub it a little.

But I can’t reach the most painful part. It is impossible. But I felt the pain was starting to subside a little.

Suddenly, I heard a door open.

I turned my face toward the door and saw Himekawa.

“Look, it still hurts, doesn’t it?”

Himekawa came next to me, put her right hand on my back, and gently rubbed it.

When she rubbed the part of my back that I could not reach by myself, the pain subsided a little.

“I’m sorry. That must have hurt.”

I reply as she brushes my back.

“Oh, it hurts. But it’s no big deal. It will go away soon.”

After just a little bit of rubbing, the pain was almost gone.

It really was no big deal. I was glad.

“Thanks, the pain is gone. I’m fine now.”

“I’m glad. It would have been terrible if you had been hospitalized or something because of me.”

A warm hand left my back and Himekawa sat down opposite me. 

Suddenly, Himekawa looked at the clock in the kitchen.

“It’s already this late, isn’t it? Well, I’ll cook dinner then!”

Himekawa’s rolled-up arms are thin. I stretched myself up, thinking that she must not have a power hump or something.

“No, I’ll cook. Any requests?”

“Tendo-kun, you should be resting, and besides, I’m on duty today, remember?”

My brain goes into overdrive thinking about this morning. It would be dangerous to leave Himekawa alone.

Tomorrow is school, and I want to be in perfect physical condition to go to school if possible.

“I want to be in perfect physical condition to go to school tomorrow. Let’s make it together.”


“Yes, that’s right. We can learn how to cook together, and we can learn from each other.”
“Indeed it is. Will you teach me how to cook?

I struck a gut-punch in my heart.

“Of course.”

We both get up from our seats and open the refrigerator.

Then a strange sight appears in front of Himekawa and me.

It’s pretty close to empty.

“Oh, it’s not pretty empty, it’s almost empty.”

No matter how much I look inside the refrigerator, it is close to empty.

Funny… I think I had a few more ingredients last night, why?

However, it is unappealing to eat only instant food for dinner.

“Let’s go shopping.”

“Yes, I agree. Let’s go shopping.”

I turn to the nearest shopping district, which I don’t want to go to today.

There is a large supermarket a little further away, but it is a bit far.

The first stars are beginning to appear in the sky. The wind is blowing a little chilly and it is getting a little chilly.

It is a little late to go to the supermarket at this hour.

I can’t give up. I have no choice but to go to the battlefield.

I put my eco-bag on my shoulder and headed for the battlefield with Himekawa.

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