V1 Chapter 20 | Arranged Cups

“I’ve finished my bath”

I was in my room and heard Himekawa’s voice through the door.

I had just finished a phone call with my father and was wondering what to do.

“Oh, okay. I’ll come in after this.”

At the end of the door stands a beautiful girl in hot water, just like yesterday.

I want to look directly at it, but I can’t. This is frustrating.

“Well, I’m going to hang the laundry after this, and then I’ll go ahead and rest.”

‘Yes, you must be tired after everything that happened today. Get some rest. Also, you don’t have to wake me up tomorrow.”

“I understand. By the way, what time do you get up, Tendo-kun?”

“Me? I get up at six every morning.”

After exchanging such conversation, Himekawa went back to her room.

I also got ready to take a bath and headed for the changing room.

Because of what happened over the past day, I decide to go in after calming myself down.

As I entered the changing room, I could smell the nice aroma of soap in the air.

This scent, which is slowly draining my mental strength, must be the damaging zone of the sweet scent.

I have to get out of here as soon as possible.

I dash into the bath.

Suddenly, my eyes fall on the soap dispenser, which I always use.

There are all sorts of new shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and soaps added there that were not there until yesterday.

And there were items in baskets that I had never seen before. Something that looks like a comb or a ball.

What on earth are they used for? At least we didn’t have items like this in my parents’ bathroom, did we?
After all, girls do use a lot of things regularly.

Today, unlike yesterday, I was able to take a long soak in the bathtub.

My maximum mental capacity seems to have improved and healed. Phew…

I used my usual soap and shampoo and rinsed off the bubbles in the shower.

I don’t think I have any extra flesh on my belly, probably due to the effect of my daily jogging.

Continuation is power. I’ll try to live a regular life and exercise as much as possible.

After taking a bath without any problems, I go to the kitchen with my hair all swept back.

Today I use a cup to drink milk after taking a bath. This is because drinking milk out of the carton is now banned.

As I look into the refrigerator and think about tomorrow’s breakfast, the kitchen door opens.

Can I have some milk too?”

Himekawa, who was wearing a head towel, arrived with her own cup.

It was a cute bear cup. Come to think of it, I remember she had bought it at the store today.


She takes the milk carton and pours it into Himekawa’s cup.

With too much force, a few drops of milk splashed onto the hand that was holding the cup.

Himekawa licks it off. The gesture is… intensely attractive and cute.

“If I drank milk every day, would I grow taller?”

“I wonder? Maybe you could grow a little?”

“Then I will drink it every day after my bath”

After emptying the cup, Himekawa washes it and puts it in the washing basket.

“Then, good night.”

“Oh, good night.”

Himekawa then left the kitchen and went into the bathroom.

Oh, by the way, she said she was doing laundry. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.
I also washed my cup and put it next to the bear cup.

With the two cups lined up next to each other, I finish getting ready for school and decide to go to bed early.

When I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, there is a pink cup next to my cup. There is also a toothbrush stuck in it.

I don’t know why, but my heart starts pounding.

Sleeping is important, too. I finished getting ready for bed, checked the time on my alarm, and snuggled under the covers.


The usual alarm at the usual time.

I move my hand and stop the alarm. It’s six o’clock.

I get out of the futon and change into a jersey. It’s a bit messy, so I go to the kitchen to wash my face and gargle briefly.

I stand up straight and head for the front door to go for a run.

“Good morning”

Himekawa is in front of me, wearing a jersey. Why is she here?

“What’s with the outfit?”

“I thought I’d run with you, Tendo-kun.”

“I don’t mind, but why?”

“There is no deep meaning. It’s for my health.”

We walk out the front door together, and I run lightly along the same course as yesterday.

Himekawa follows me. I don’t think she looks that strained.

“Is this pace okay?”

“Maybe a little too fast.”

Apparently, my pace is a little fast.

I slowly, gradually slow down my pace.

Gradually, Himekawa’s breathing seemed to stabilize.

After running for a while, we came back to my house.

“Are you all right?”

Yes, I managed to keep up just barely. But you slowed down on the way there, didn’t you?”

I knew it.

“You slowed down a little bit.”

“I’ll do my best tomorrow to keep up with you!

Apparently, she’ll be following me after tomorrow. Well, I’m only running lightly, so it doesn’t matter if my pace slows down a bit.

I’ll keep up the good work to maintain my health.

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