V1 Chapter 23 | Emotional Attachments

I head straight from school to the bench where we’re meeting.

I thought that maybe the teacher would call me after school, but that never happened.

I waited for 30 minutes. Still no Himekawa. Maybe she forgot about the meeting?

With my phone in hand, I watch people coming and going in front of the station.

After a while, I saw Himekawa in her school uniform, carrying her usual school bag, running toward me from a distance.

“I’m sorry. You waited for me, didn’t you?”

Out of breath, Himekawa talks to me.

I had indeed waited for thirty minutes. No, did I wait longer than that?

“No, I just got here myself.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I couldn’t leave right away because some kids from my class approached me when I was leaving.”

Well, it was right after the teacher said all that.

That’s what it is. I grab my bag and get up from the bench.

“Let’s go.”

I told them in advance that I’m absent from my part-time job today.

I’m allowed to leave for my part-time job at any time today. Even if I’m a little late, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I started to walk toward my part-time job, but Himekawa was still standing.

“What’s wrong?”

I was curious and called out to Himekawa.

“I was thinking, This is where I was approached by Tendo-kun.”

Certainly, there is no mistake that this is where I approached Himekawa a few days ago. But what about it?

“I guess so. It was a bench here, wasn’t it? What’s wrong with that?”

I wonder what Himekawa is thinking while smiling slightly.

It’s just a bench in front of the station. It’s just an ordinary bench that can be found anywhere.

“It’s Nothing. Shall we go?”

Himekawa walks slowly toward me and stops when she comes next to me.

“Tendo-kun, you are quite dry, aren’t you?”

Really? I’m pretty dry? I haven’t really thought about it much.

Then, we started walking to our part-time job together for a few minutes.


There are some customers in the quiet restaurant. However, there are more empty seats than usual, which is unusual.

The manager at the counter walks toward us.

“Oh, Tsukasa. Thanks for your hard work. I’ve been waiting for you. Well, I was quite busy yesterday.”

Are you still bitter about my sudden absence, or is that the first thing you say to me?

“I’m sorry, I had to take a day off suddenly. I came here today to talk to you about the matter we discussed the other day.”

Himekawa, who is behind me, is slightly nervous and has been stiffening since earlier.

“I just found the time now. Can I ask you both to come into my office?”

Whenever we hire a part-timer, we interview them.

I’ve been interviewed too, and I’d love to see any company that hires without an interview.

“Hey, you can handle the counter.”

The manager called out to the staff in the hall and we were taken to the office.

Well, I don’t particularly care since the office is the first thing I go into when I come to work.

“Have a seat over there.”

The manager is in front. Himekawa sits across the table from her.

I have nothing to do with the interview this time, so I sit in the corner and watch them.

“Now, without further ado, you want a part-time job?”

A nervous Himekawa answers.


The answer is one word and that’s it.

Show your enthusiasm and reason! Not that I’m gonna say it out loud

“Why do you want to work here?”

“Tendo-san told me he could get me a job at “

The manager stared with slightly sharper eyes.

The manager, who is reasonably young and capable of doing his job, is well-liked by the staff.

The manager’s eyes tightened in response to Himekawa’s answer.

“By the way, if Tendo had offered you a job inside the Kigurumi Show, would you have come in for an interview?”

“No, I don’t think I would have come in for an interview.”

The manager’s eyes become even sharper.

“I see… Have you ever worked there, Himekawa-san?”

“No, I don’t. I’ve never worked before.”

“You work and you get paid. That is work. Any job has a price. The amount of compensation depends on the job, but as for what you just said, don’t you have a discriminatory attitude toward work?”

This is extremely awkward. I feel like getting out of here right now.

The manager’s words are harsh. They are biting me. Hang in there, Himekawa!

But manager, there aren’t many people in this store, are there? Didn’t you say on the phone that you absolutely had to secure her?

“Sure, I might have been making a preference based on the nature of the job.”

“I think it’s important not to be too prejudiced about jobs, no matter what your reasons are or which job you get.” Right now, you’re employed as a part-time worker, but you’re going to get a job or something in the future, right? I’d better think more broadly and more deeply.”

“Yes, I will keep this in mind for future reference.”

“So what’s your reason for wanting to work? It doesn’t sound like you want money for anything.”

“I’m going to be staying at a boarding house, and I was hoping to cover the costs myself.”

“You mean you need money to live?”

“Yes. I will also be attending school, so my hours will be limited, but I heard that Tendo-san, who is in the same class as me, is working here, and I was hoping to do the same.”

The manager glances at me.

What does this look mean? Are you asking me to tell you something?

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