V1 Chapter 38 | Mission

Today’s classes are progressing without any problems until the second period.

It is just a normal day, except that Takayama, who is sitting behind me, is attending class from today.

Just before the start of the third period, I was sitting in my seat when I was tapped on the shoulder.

“Tendo. Hey, Tendo-kun.”

Takayama put his hand on my shoulder and called me in a different tone of voice than usual.

I wonder if it’s because he caught a cold, but he is unusually high-spirited. Is it because of the fever?

When I turn around, he sticks his finger on my cheek.

I turn around with the same momentum and Takayama is talking to me with a grin on his face.

“I’m caught!”

I’m annoyed. I had not seen Takayama for four days, including Saturday and Sunday, and his tension was a little different from usual.

“What is it? Do you have a fever?”

“No, I don’t have a fever. No, I don’t have a fever. What’s more…”

Takayama takes something out of his pocket.

Holding a white envelope in his hand, he begins to open its contents.

“What do you think these are?”

Four long, thin sheets of paper.

Are they tickets for something?

“What is it? Tickets?”

“Correct! As expected of Tendo. I have four tickets here for an early preview of an upcoming movie.”

The ticket he showed me was for an upcoming romance movie.

I remember reading in some magazine that it had a good reputation and was particularly popular among the younger generation.

I don’t often watch romance movies, so why did he show it to me here?

“Are you going to give it to me?”

Takayama hurriedly moves the ticket away from me. What, it’s not that?

“No, I’m not. I’ve been thinking about it this whole time I’ve been on vacation.”

I heard he was resting because of a cold, but what on earth was he thinking about?

“I’m thinking of inviting Nadeshiko to the movies. It’s a popular movie. It would be a nice change of pace, don’t you think? You know what the teacher said, ‘You should ask her out’.”

If I remember correctly, I don’t think my homeroom teacher told me to ‘ask her out’.

Well, if you’re prepared to get your balls crushed and ask her out, why not?

“Okay. Good luck asking her out.”

I told Takayama and tried to get back to my original position, but he grabbed me by the shoulders and stopped me from getting back to my original position.

What, is there more to this?

“Well, well, well, just hear me out. Two cards for me and Tendo. Why don’t you give the other two to Nadeshiko and the four of us can go and see? I think it will be easier for Nadeshiko to go and I think it will be more successful if she invites one girl and we go with two girls and two boys.”

“Well, I think it’s better to go see the show with a group than with two men and two women.”

“There you have it! I’ll give Tendo the mission to ask Nadeshiko out.”

Why would you do that? Why not Takayama, instead of me, just ask her out like a normal person?

Why are you bringing up my name here?

“Invite her yourself. I refuse.”

“If I ask her out, people will get upset, won’t they? If it’s Tendo, he won’t stand out in class, and no one will care if she refuses!”

Is that it? I’m like an airhead in class, so I ask Himekawa out, and if she says no, no one cares.

No, I’d be a little hurt if I got turned down too. Have you thought about that?

“Even if you fail the mission, I’ll give you two of these tickets to Tendo. And I’ll also give him a special lunch at the school cafeteria. Isn’t that a good deal?”

Even if I invite Himekawa and get crushed, two valuable tickets and one meal.

It is worth about 3,000 yen… It’s not a bad deal.

“Why did you bring it up to me?”

“Hmm? Tendo, for better or worse, doesn’t stand out. Anyone who stands out is just not cut out for this mission.”

I see. If I ask Himekawa at home instead of at school, no one will be tipped off, right?

Oh, it’s a good deal if you think about it. Okay, I’ll take it.

“I’ll take it. When do I have to hear back from you?”

“As soon as possible. There’s a good chance I’ll get rejected, so if not, I’ll find another girl.”

I don’t know. Well, is this what it’s like to ask out a girl you’re interested in?

“I’ll try to get back to you tomorrow. Can I borrow two tickets?”

“Sure, go ahead. Well then, Tendo, I wish you good luck.”

“No need to pray.”

I took two tickets from Takayama and put them in my pocket.

When I get home today, I will ask Himekawa about it.

“I’m home.”

School is over, and I come home.

The door is unlocked, which means that Himekawa has already left.

I take off my shoes at the front door and put them in the shoe box, when I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Welcome home.”

Himekawa, still wearing her school uniform, comes downstairs.

It seems that she came back at about the same time.

“Himekawa, can I have a word?

“Yes, of course.”

I threw my bag into my room and sat down facing Himekawa.

I took out two tickets from my pocket and handed them to Himekawa.

“Do you know this movie?”

Himekawa smiles and looks at the tickets in her hands.

From this reaction, it seems that she knows about the movie itself.

“Are you going to invite me?”

I think Himekawa’s cheeks are a little red.

Is she fantasizing about the contents of this movie?

It seems that girls like romantic movies after all.

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