V1 Chapter 39 | Conditions

Himekawa has two tickets in her hand and has a beaming look on her face.

She seems to be interested in the tickets for this preview.

“It’s a ticket for the premiere. Are you interested in this movie?”

“Yes, I do! I’ve been meaning to go see this movie.”

Himekawa smiles and replies to me vigorously.

“I’m glad to hear that. It seems you have a date in mind, so could you please keep this date open?”

“Of course! Thank you very much. I’m really looking forward to it.”

She holds the ticket with a big smile on her face like a child who has been given a new toy.

The screening is a little while away, but the date and time have already been set.

If I adjust my shift at my part-time job from now, I can go see the movie.

“Then, I’ll give these two tickets to Himekawa, okay?

“What? I get to keep both of them?”

Oh, I forgot to explain. I should have explained about the Takayama mission.

“I must give both of these tickets to Himekawa. They are from Takayama, who is seated behind me. The tickets for me and Takayama are already secured and Takayama has them.”

As soon as I told her this, for some reason, Himekawa’s big smile disappeared and her face became expressionless.

Huh? Did I say something strange? Did I explain it wrong?

For a while, Himekawa becomes silent and looks at me with a hard look.

“What am I doing with the leftover ticket?”

“Oh, he wants me to invite one of the girls. Maybe you could invite a friend who is good friends with Himekawa?”

“…two men and two women each, four of us are going to see the show?”

“Yes. Yes, the four of us are going to see the show. Himekawa would also be cautious about going to the movies alone with a guy, right?”

Himekawa became silent.

Earlier, she was holding the ticket with a very happy look, but now she looks like a candle about to be extinguished.

That’s strange, she was so happy just a few minutes ago.

After a moment of silence, Himekawa opened her mouth as if she had thought of something.

“I understand. I have a condition.”


“There will be a five-subject brief exam next time, right?”

“Yes, there is. Is it next weekend?”

“That’s right. If he scores higher than me in even one subject on that exam, we’ll all go.”

“Isn’t that a pretty high bar?”

“If I accept this invitation easily, it will be difficult for me to refuse if someone asks me to join them in the future.”

Is that so? I feel like you could just say no as usual, but Himekawa must have some circumstances.

I guess it’s just a silly thing to ask.

“I see. Then, I’ll tell Takayama about the conditions.”

“By the way, Tendo-kun, are you interested in this movie?”

Her expression is a little more relaxed than before.

Unlike the Himekawa I see at school, her expression here has more ups and downs.

“Well, I’m somewhat interested.”

“You are not forcing yourself to go even if you don’t want to, are you?”

“I’m not forcing myself. I’ll watch at least one romantic movie.”

“I see. Then, I’ll keep this ticket.”

“Oh, don’t lose it.”

Himekawa leaves the room with the ticket in her hand.

Himekawa left the room with the ticket in her hand. Her steps seemed to be a little light.

Now, I’ve been given a strange condition. Can Takayama fulfill the conditions?

Himekawa is not only pretty good, but she’s also at the top of her class.

Well, he can manage at least one subject.

Go for it, Takayama! Maybe you should take this opportunity to spend a little more time studying.

Then, we both prepare dinner, sit down at the table and begin to eat dinner.

Suddenly, a commercial for this movie came on the TV.

It was a love story about a young man and woman.

Both the protagonist and the heroine are high school students, and they like each other, but their love is not fulfilled because of their differences.

Years later, as adults, they meet again, express their feelings for each other, and the story has a happy ending.

Although the story seems ordinary, it is very popular. It seems to be especially popular among young girls.

I was so interested in the commercial that I turned my eyes to the TV and watched it intently.

Such commercials bothered me so much that I turned my eyes to the TV and watched it intently.

“It could have been just the two of us…”

“What? What did you say?”


Himekawa silently puts rice in her mouth.

Yeah, the rice tastes good these days, doesn’t it?

“I see. The rice is delicious.”

“Yes, it is!”

For some reason, Himekawa is in a bad mood.

The rice isn’t that bad, it’s well balanced, and I’ve even prepared dessert.

Why is she so unhappy?

“Thank you for the meal. I’ll be going first today.”

Himekawa finished eating first, took the dishes to the kitchen, and left the room.

I wondered if I had done something to offend her.

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