V1 Chapter 4 | Miso Soup of Tears

When I knew that we were going to talk about something serious, I naturally put on a serious face.

Himekawa must have been thinking about how to start the conversation, looking directly at me.

There was no other sound in the room except for the ticking of the second hand of the clock.

In the silence, Himekawa finally made up her mind and began to speak.

“Actually, ……”


Is this Himekawa’s plan? I couldn’t help but raise my cheeks and smirk.

“Himekawa. What was that sound?”

Himekawa looked down, her cheeks reddening, and didn’t reply.

Her shoulders are shaking a little, so she is probably holding back her embarrassment.

“No, that sound is nothing. Don’t worry about it.

“By the way, when was the last time Himekawa ate?”

Himekawa, whose cheeks are still red, looks somewhat younger than usual.

We’re the same age, and she usually shows much more mature gestures than I do, but right now she looks like a junior.

“I just ate last night. Nothing today….”

“I see. We’ll talk later, just wait here.”

I left Himekawa in the living room and headed for the kitchen.

I threw the newspaper in my hand from the kitchen to Himekawa. Himekawa receives it reflexively and looks at me with the newspaper in her hand.

“What’s this?”

“Today’s newspaper. It’ll take a while, so read it and pass the time. Oh, there’s an outlet in the shade there, so you can charge your phone or whatever you want.”

Then I went to the kitchen and equipped myself with the apron that I always wear.
I’m not that good of a cook, but I should be able to do reasonably well. Compared to the food that the president’s daughter used to eat, it would be lousy.

But it was better than not eating at all.

I took the pre-cooked food I had made yesterday out of the refrigerator and put it on a plate.

The rest is rice and soup. I don’t have any leftover soup, so I make it as I go.

I’ll just use easy-to-cook vegetables and wakame seaweed.

And finally, magic. A spell that we’ve all probably used before. Yes, lentils. [TLN: An edible legume. It’s like small beans (definitely not spice)]

Place the rice in the microwave and microwave the side dish.

The only thing I made now is the soup, so it was still warm.

—Ching! [TLN: Finished SFX]

I put the food out of the microwave on a tray, put some chopsticks on it, and left the kitchen.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I put the rice I had prepared in front of Himekawa, who was reading the newspaper.

Well, that’s about the right amount for a girl, right? It was probably too much for Himekawa.

“If it’s too much or not good enough, you can leave it. It’s better than not eating anything, right?”

“Why?, Why would you help me?”

It’s hard to answer. Why did I offer Himekawa food?

What’s in it for me? Am I expecting something in return? No, I don’t.

“Aren’t you hungry? If you’re hungry, eat. I’ll treat you to a meal today.”

“You don’t mind? I’m not a picky eater. I’ll eat it all.”

“Yeah, I prefer it that way, too. I don’t want any leftovers.”

“Thank you. Itadakimasu…”

Himekawa picked up her chopsticks and started eating her rice.

She is a quintessential young lady. She eats beautifully. Even though it’s just some random rice, when the lady eats it, it’s almost as if it’s an amazing dish.

Well, what’s inside is just a dish that I made.

A moment of silence passed. During this time, Himekawa continues to eat without saying a word.

Then, she stopped moving with her chopsticks in her hand.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Was it bad?”

I could see tears running down Himekawa’s cheeks.

Then, the tears got into the miso soup. A little ripple spread.

“No, it’s not. I haven’t had a meal with someone in years…”

I thought that the lady of the house must have her own difficulties, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered by what she has to say about a world I don’t know.

“I’m sure you’re not the only one.”

“I heat up what the maids make for me and eat it alone, or I make it myself…”

“You don’t eat with your parents?”

“My mother passed away when I was little. My father was also very busy with work…”

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have asked, but I can’t help what I’ve heard.

I’ll try not to ask any more questions.

“I see. Well, you’ve got to eat at least one meal a day. Do you want a second helping?”

“I’m fine. Thank you. This is delicious.”

It hurts to see Himekawa trying so hard to smile, even with tears in her eyelids.

I feel like I’m being pricked in the heart. I’m not very strong in this kind of mental attack.

It’s too dangerous to go any further. I can’t help but cry myself to tears.

“Thank you for saying that.”

After that, I finished my meal and went back to listen to Himekawa’s story.

“So, what’s next?”
“Yes. The last words I exchanged with my father were, “I was set up. Don’t be fooled, Anri. Don’t trust anyone!” Then the phone call with my father was cut off. I don’t believe what’s being reported.”

Then, on Saturday morning, someone claiming to be from the company’s human resources department came to the apartment and kicked her out because she would no longer be able to live there.

They told her to leave the apartment by Sunday and came to the station with her baggage.

“Do you have any relatives or anything?”

“I have no relatives except my father. No one I can rely on…”

Even if you’re the president’s daughter, there are many parts that you can’t usually see.

He thought she had it all together, that she could do anything, that she looked good, and that she was surrounded by people who loved her.

She seems to also have her own struggles.

“Anyway, you can stay in the spare room today. There’s a key, so make sure you lock the door.”

We talked about it for a while, and I felt like I would have a hard time following it any deeper, so I cut it short.

Should I have listened to the end? Should I have cut it off halfway through?

I show Himekawa to her room and give her a basket.

“What’s this?”

“A set of towels for now. There’s soap and shampoo in the bathroom, but if you have your own, use it. At least I don’t think this is for women.”

Himekawa looked puzzled and took the basket I gave her.

I then gave her a brief description of the room.

I told her that the loft-style bed was ready to use and that there was a closet under the bed.

Then I tell her that there is a futon in a compression bag in the closet for her to use when she sleeps and that there are a few hangers in the closet.

“I’m sure there are cushions and pillows if you look for them, so use them as you see fit. If there’s anything else you need, just give me a shout.”
“Thank you, …….”

“Okay then, I’m going to go get ready for my bath, so you can take a bath at a reasonable time.”

Himekawa looked around the room and put his hand luggage on the floor.

She then walked into the back of the room and I closed the door.

I hope nothing happens to her.

I got ready for my bath and went back to my room.

I hurriedly set up the camera and started up the computer. The preparations were now complete.

I got ready for my bath and went back to my room.

I hurriedly set up my camera and started my computer. The preparations were now complete.

And I’ll do the rest when Himekawa is taking a bath.

After a while, I heard her coming down the stairs.

“I’m going to take a bath.”

I can hear Himekawa’s voice through the door.

“Oh, there’s no one here but me, but lock the door.”

“Thank you for today. Thank you for coming to help me. ……”

As the sound of Himekawa’s footsteps faded away, I went back to the computer in my room.

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