V1 Chapter 41 | Lined Up Letters

—I’m Glad.

I said I was good at math.

—And she’s bad at…

Himekawa’s worst subject is math.

This means you want me to come to get my points in math.

I didn’t need to ask. Himekawa dug her own grave.

“Himekawa can get a decent score even without studying, right?”

“No way. I study in my free time, too.”

“Are you going to study for this test too?”

“Of course. If my grades drop, what will my father say to me…?”

Surely. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t afford to drop your grades when you think about Himekawa’s current situation.

I’m sure if her grades drop, her father will say, ‘It’s the Showa boarding house’s fault!’

I mean, what will they say if my grades drop too?

That’s not good. I have to be more serious than I expected.

“Do you mind if I study with you?”

“Not at all, sure. But you can do it at your desk in your room don’t you?”

“Sometimes it’s better to study together than alone, right?”

A little unsteady on her feet, Himekawa left the room as she was and brought her study materials somewhat heavily.

Well, are you going to use that much? How seriously are you going to study now? All night?

“Shall we start then?”

“That amount is a lot”

“Oh, we won’t be using this today.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a set of study materials that you’ll probably use before the exam. We won’t be using them at school, so I’d like to leave them here.

“You mean, from now on, you will study here until the exam?”

“Yes, it is too heavy to bring them every time.”

Smiling, Himekawa opens her notebook and starts to open reference books at a very fast pace.

The characters are beautiful, and above all, the serious look of Himekawa, who is studying, fascinates me.

She holds her pen in front of her eyes, and her hair hangs down on her cheeks, making my heart beat faster as she brushes her hair over her ear.

Without a word exchanged, Himekawa is earnestly and silently taking notes.

She’s really concentrating. I can’t lose to her. I have to do well.

I opened my notebook, spread out the first semester’s notes and textbook, and began a comprehensive review.

The content is not too difficult yet, but it is expected to get harder and harder.

If I don’t get a firm grasp of the basics now, it will be difficult to keep up with the classes in the future.

After silently taking notes for a while, I suddenly felt something.

I slowly raised my eyes and saw Himekawa staring at me.

What is she looking at? Is it my notebook?

“What is it?”

For a moment her shoulders seemed to tense up for a moment.

For some reason, she was a little flustered and grabbed her pen back.

“Nothing, nothing at all. I was just a little curious about Tendo-kun’s notebook.”

“I see. Do you want to see it?”

“Well, just for a moment.”

Himekawa holds my notebook in her hand and looks at it for a while.

She looks through it from the beginning to the end of the page in a flash and returns it to me.

“Well, I think you’ve summarized it quite nicely, but it would be easier to understand when you review it if you summarize it more clearly.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s right. Do you mind if I write it down in my notebook?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Write it down as you see fit.”

“Let’s see, here. Put this one and this one together, and line them with a red pen. And also here, like this, and over here with a marker.”

Himekawa is bent over writing in my notebook.

Her collarbone is visible through her slightly thin shirt, and her bosom is also a little hidden.

It is a sight for healthy boys. I know I shouldn’t look at them.

The desire to concentrate on the notes and the evil feelings start a war in my mind.

The battle rages for a long time. It was a fierce development, and both sides must have exhausted each other’s strength considerably.

My mental capacity is almost at its limit.

After a long battle, it was the regular army that finally won.

I may have matured a bit here as well.

“Look, it’s a lot easier to read than it was before, isn’t it?”

It is no exaggeration to say that she is the goddess of victory as she explains the notes to me with a smile.

The newly added notes by Himekawa are indeed easy to understand.

I wonder if the way she takes notes also makes a difference with the first place in the grade…. That’s a little frustrating.

The notebook handed over to me had my handwriting written in a rather messy manner, and slightly rounded, cute handwriting written side by side.

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