V1 Chapter 44 | Part-time Job

A tutor. In other words, someone who teaches you how to study.

What am I supposed to do? How do I answer the question?

—The college kid next door taught me.

No such person exists.

—My sister is teaching me.

Such a person does not exist either.

—A senior member of the library committee I met in the library taught me.

Who even is that?

No matter how I answer, the result will sound strange. Even if I mentioned anyone- a friend, acquaintance, or relative- he’d still have to ask.

“Why did they suddenly decide to teach you?”

“What kind of relationship do you have with this older woman?”

I have a feeling that I will be asked a lot of questions.

Should I just tell the truth?

“Seriously? That Nadeshiko? This is a big deal!”

No, no, no. Takayama is going to scream out loud.

It will be a bigger problem that way.

Fortunately, Takayama doesn’t know that I live alone.

In fact, Himekawa is the only student at this school, let alone my classmates, who know that I live alone.

I put the yakisoba bread on the desk and turned around like a robot to face Takayama.

“I bet you had a hard time getting this yakisoba bun.”

“I know! There was a bigger line at the store than I expected! I had to dash to the store to get it, but there was still a long line.”

Oh yes, let’s change the subject and get through this.

I’m sure I can avoid the subject because it’s Takayama.

“I’m grateful. This yakisoba bread is the best I’ve ever had.”

I smiled at Takayama with a big smile on my face.

This must be a rare sight for me.

I smile at Takayama with a big smile on my face.

It must be a rare sight for him to see.

“That’s not like Tendo. You’re not usually amiable, aren’t you? What are you hiding?”

I screwed up. I should have been as blunt as usual.

How do I get out of this? My brain raced like never before, searching for the best answer.

“It’s either that or my mother. She happened to see my notebook and wrote in it.”

A moment of silence passes.

Takayama flips through a few pages of my notebook and closes it with a snap.

“Did your mother write that in your notebook? Isn’t that a little embarrassing?”

“I can’t help it. I’m not very good at summarizing.”

“Well, let’s keep this a secret. I’ll keep this a secret. My parents are going to fix my problems at my age.”

Okay, I think I can handle it. It doesn’t matter what happens to me.

It’s much better than having my relationship with Himekawa out in the open.

“I understand that. I’d be a little concerned too.”

“I’m sure your mother is a better student than Tendo. She’s so different from my mom.”

Takayama turned over his notebook again and copied the notes.

I managed to get out of this situation, but I acted carelessly.

He must not carelessly show the notebook with Himekawa’s scribbles.

And I brought out my mother, whom I haven’t talked to recently.

If Takayama gets any more into the mother thing, I’m afraid I’m going to be in a bad spot.


Lunch break was over and I collected all the notebooks successfully.

Takayama was copying until the last minute but could not seem to finish everything.

He asked to borrow the notebooks, but I refused.

I have to study when I get home, too. I will need these notebooks.

I would lend it to him again tomorrow at noon, so that should not be a problem.

After school, as I was about to leave, Takayama approached me.

“I heard from a girl in my class that you started a part-time job at Nadesico. I just heard from a girl in my class, do you know Tendo?”

Information gets around so fast! 

It is true that she is supposed to start working today, but I must be the only one who knows that Himekawa is starting a part-time job.

Where did the information leak out?

“I heard Nadeshiko has started a part-time job. I just heard from a girl in our class, do you know Tendo?”

“A part-time job, huh? Well, even Himekawa can get a part-time job, can’t she?”

“You don’t seem too surprised. I was quite surprised when I heard about it earlier.”

Is it possible that he is probing me? Or is he just a natural?

“Anyone can get a part-time job, right? I do, too.”

“Well, I guess so. The girls invited Nadeshiko to a sweets store after school today, but she turned them down because she had a part-time job. Everyone was so surprised, you know?”

I want to get out of that topic, so I throw the necessary things into my bag and get up from my seat.

Himekawa’s seat was already empty and she was probably on her way to her part-time job.

“I’m going home then. I have to prepare for the test.”

“Tendo really has no interest in Nadeshiko, does he? Well, this movie operation depends on the result of Tendo. Please take care of it.”

Takayama… You’re an altruist, aren’t you? You’re learning a little, aren’t you? You’re leaving it all up to me, aren’t you?

“Well, I can handle one subject at least.”

“You’re going to have to work hard with your mother’s help. Oops, that was a secret.”

Grinning a little, Takayama looks at my face.

I was a little annoyed, but I decided to let it slide.

If I made a fuss, I might get into trouble.

“See you later.”

“Study hard!”

You too! I shouted in my mind and left the school.

Before returning home, I stopped by the shopping district and did a little shopping around.

Suddenly, my eyes fell on an interior goods store.

On a wagon set up in front of the store, I see dishes, spoons, chopsticks, and other tableware items.

Then I remembered that we have been a little short of tableware since Himekawa came to our house.

I went through the wagons marked “sale” and bought some chopsticks, spoons, forks, and other items that were on sale.

I paid the bill and stuffed the items into my bag.

As I walked toward the station, I saw the coffee shop where I work part-time.

Himekawa has a short shift today and tomorrow.

I was a little concerned, but since I myself was not on shift today, it would be strange to go to the store.

I looked through the window as I walked in and saw Himekawa in the hall with a tray in her hand, carrying out orders.

Although her movements are not agile, Himekawa is quite cute in her coffee shop uniform.

And the young suited man kept his eyes on Himekawa as she walked around the hall with a smile on her face.

When I saw Himekawa, my heart beat a little faster, and in my heart, I sent a cheer to Himekawa saying “Do your best”.

At the same time, I also became aware that I was a little annoyed by the man’s eyes following Himekawa with his eyes.

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