V1 Chapter 45 | What I Forgot to Buy

Well, today I get some time alone for the first time in a while.

Lately, there have been so many people coming and going that I haven’t been able to have any time to be alone.

It is still late in the evening. There are still more than two hours until Himekawa gets home.

It’s okay to take a little break, right? I studied a good amount yesterday.

I took out a book from the corner of the bookshelf.

It is a book I just bought the other day. I’ve only read a few pages.

I had bought it as a new book, but it is becoming fodder on the bookshelf.

Come to think of it, Himekawa came to my house on the day I bought this book.

A little flashback memory. I remember Himekawa sitting on the bench.

I don’t want to see Himekawa with such a sad face anymore.

I noticed that the sun was already setting and I could see the lights from the street lamps.

No wonder it was hard to see the book. The room is dark.

I looked at the clock, but time was passing too quickly. In no time at all, my alone time has come to an end.

I turned on the light in the room and checked the time, it was almost time to prepare dinner.

Himekawa has a part-time job today, so I decided to prepare dinner for one.

I put water in a large pot and put it on the fire. Put vegetables into the frying pan and stir-fry them.

Let’s make pasta today.

I was about to put the boiled noodles into the pan, but it seems that there were too many noodles.

I put in more noodles than I should have for one person.

I decided to save some of the leftover noodles in a Tupperware container.

Then, I put the pasta sauce (from a sealed bag) in the frying pan and it was ready to serve.

A salad is also served with pasta.

I eat dinner by myself. The clock is ticking louder than usual, but I’m sure that’s just my imagination.

Recently, I have often had dinner with Himekawa, but I wonder if it’s like this when I’m alone.

Is it because yesterday was so noisy that I feel that way? I find myself feeling a little lonely.

After finishing my meal alone, I casually went to the table and opened my notebook.

There, I see Himekawa’s writing.

It’s a girl’s cute handwriting. I feel a little embarrassed.

However, the way she put it all together is wonderful. Perhaps my own academic ability will improve, too?

I open the reference book and wait for Himekawa’s return.

It’s already late. Quite some time has passed, but Himekawa has not returned yet.

Was there some kind of accident? Or something else…

Oh yeah, I should go shopping.

I forgot to buy something, so I have to run to the shopping district.

I started running toward the shopping district without getting ready and continued running through the shopping district to the nearest station without resting.

When I arrived at the station, a train was just coming in.

Many people were coming out of the ticket gates, including businessmen and students.

Then I saw a girl with a familiar face at the end of the train.

I was following Himekawa with my eyes in the distance in the crowd.

Then, perhaps noticing my appearance, Himekawa waved her hand toward me.

Reflexively, I waved my hand too. But, thinking about it, isn’t it embarrassing?

Then, Himekawa appeared in front of me, and for some reason, she looked satisfied.

Did something happen? Perhaps something good happened at his part-time job?

“Welcome back.”

I tell Himekawa just one word.

“I’m home. Did you come to pick me up?”

“No, I forgot to buy something, so I just came by to pick you up.”

“I’m still glad to see you. Thank you very much. But I can go home alone, you know?”

“Today is just a coincidence. I’m leaving after shopping and won’t be here tomorrow.”

We started walking along the shopping street side by side.

What did you forget to buy?

What did I forget to buy? What was it? Let’s see…

“Himekawa, today was your first day of work, right? I thought I’d buy a cake to celebrate.”

“A cake? I haven’t eaten cake recently, so I’m very happy.”

I’m thrilled to see Himekawa looking at me with a smile.

Himekawa’s hair is slightly swept away by the wind.

My eyes are glued to her hair, and the glimpse of Himekawa’s smile is precious.

“Where is the cake shop! How many can I have?”

I want my purity back.

After all, there is too much of a gap between school and the real Himekawa. Which one is the real Himekawa?

Huh? I feel like something similar was said to me by Himekawa.

“Which one of you is the real Tendo-kun?”

They’re both me, right? From Himekawa’s point of view, is it different?

I wondered the same as Himekawa at that time.

Himekawa at school.

Himekawa at the bench in front of the station.

Himekawa when eating lots of okonomiyaki and ran the next morning.

Himekawa looking forward to a cake.

All the same Himekawa, right?

Just adjusting to your surroundings at the time, right?

Then, are you just adjusting to me now?

One question came to me.

“It’s getting late. We better get to the cake shop early because they might only have a few left.”

“We’d better hurry! Tendo-kun, hurry up!”

Himekawa grabbed my sleeve and started running.

Is it for the cake or to match me?

But for now, I’m okay with this.

The real Himekawa can only be known by Himekawa herself.

So, I’ll just be me and go along with Himekawa.

Our relationship will continue for a long time to come.

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