V1 Chapter 50 | Dungeon Attack

—Dungeon in the home, undressing castle

I slowly enter the dressing room and close the door behind me, keeping a wary eye ahead.

Wearing jet-black armor, my defenses are top-notch.

In addition, his life force is of tremendous value.

And his flying skills make him a very troublesome black demon.

The most important thing is its fertility. The “call your friends” command that it sometimes shows is something I don’t want it to use if at all possible.

I’m still too low-level to deal with more than one of them.


There he was! I saw the second he was in the lower right corner of my field of vision, behind that basket!

Yes! I thought this was going to be a long battle, but it looks like it’s going to end sooner than I thought!

Another great win for me today!

Slowly, I put my hand on the basket and start shifting it gently.

But what caught my eye was something white and light blue.

This striped pattern might be that thing.

The proof is the pink Himekawa pajamas under that something.

Calm down, me. Don’t get flustered here.

This is his plan. If I get upset and walk away, it means my defeat.

And then today would be a no-bath day.

I have to avoid that.

Take a deep breath. I must not be in a hurry.

I move my eyes from the basket and set my sights on him.

There he is. He is motionless in the shade of the cage, preparing for the coming attack, and raising his defenses.

I attacked first with my holy sword (rolled-up newspaper), and when he was weakened, I finished him off with my final weapon (insecticide).

I catch the immobilized one with a rolled-up newspaper and roll them up.

I did it. I was able to win again today. I was able to withstand his mental attacks and successfully seize victory.

I had fought many fights before, but this one was the worst.

After leaving the changing room, I called Himekawa and told her it was safe.

Just to be sure, we both looked around the changing rooms to make sure he was really gone.

He probably won’t be coming out again today. One of these days I’m going to smoke him out and annihilate him!

“It seems to be all right.”

“Yeah. Now, go take a bath and relax.”

I walked out of the changing room and was about to close the door when Himekawa called out to me through the door.

Is there anything more?

“Well, I hate to ask, but have you seen…?”

Hmm? What did I see? I knew it was that, didn’t I?

What’s the best way to answer that?

“Uh, I haven’t seen it.”

A moment of silence passes.

“That’s a lie. The basket, it’s not where it started.

Himekawa closed the door to the changing room as it was.

Was it my fault? But it’s impossible not to see it in that situation, isn’t it?

If that’s the case, I wish she’d remove it first. Or put a towel over it.

Oh, did I make her use the towel because of the blood?

That was my bad.

“I’m sorry. But I just glanced at it, didn’t look directly at it, and didn’t touch it.”

Himekawa’s voice comes through the door.

“I’m so embarrassed, I’m done talking about it!”

She got angry.

I thought I could take it easy at least for today, but now I’m getting kicked in the butt.

“I’m going to stay in the living room.”

I said to Himekawa and went back to the living room.

My fingers hurt. I unwrapped the handkerchief Himekawa had wrapped around me and put a compress on it.

I wrapped the handkerchief over it again.

Himekawa’s handkerchief. There’s a little blood on it, and it’s stained.

It doesn’t look like it will come off even if you wash it, maybe I should give her a new handkerchief. 

Lying on the sofa, I look at the ceiling and reflect on what just happened.

Himekawa’s scream, the door opening vigorously, Himekawa’s softness.

And the gesture of the half-naked figure wiping off the blood with a towel.

I turn my palm to the ceiling and stare at the handkerchief.

What am I doing?

Somehow, I hate myself.

I need to do better. I can’t go on like this!

I got up from the sofa and went to the table to open my notebook and reference book.

I haven’t caught up with Himekawa. I’m in the position of being taught.

One day, I will turn the tables on her. As a caretaker, I will be able to teach Himekawa how to study.

That will surely be for the future.

I’ll see what I can do, and let’s do what I can do.

Time is not infinite.

Set a goal, make a plan, and execute it.

I grabbed a pen and was about to write the first letter in my notebook when the moment arrived.

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