V1 Chapter 61 | No Position

Two women follow behind me.

They are both silent and do not speak at all. Then they arrive directly at the dining room and each takes a seat.

“Oh, would you like me to make you some tea?”

I was about to get up from my seat when Himekawa got up first.

“I’ll make the tea. Tendo-kun, please sit and wait with that person.”

Himekawa filled the kettle with water and boiled the water in a rather strong tone.

In the meantime, cups and tea sets are prepared, and they are also set out on the table in an efficient manner.

“Oh, you’re pretty handy, aren’t you?”

A woman wearing the apron smiles.

I wanted to introduce each of them as soon as possible, but time was running out.

“Here you go.”

After a while, a cup of tea is served in front of me.

“Oh, it smells so good. You make it so well.”

“Thank you very much.”

Himekawa said with a sharp tongue. Was it because she didn’t want to have a sudden visitor?

“Tsukasa. Since I was still cooking, do you mind if I finish it up? I’m already halfway through.”

Indeed, knives, cutting boards, and ingredients were left out on the sink.

I wondered if the situation had come to this because Himekawa had returned home while the cooking was in progress.

“It’s almost done, isn’t it? Well, I guess that’s fine.”

“I’ll help too.”

Himekawa gets up from her seat and puts on her apron.

“Oh, you’re going to help me? Thank you.”

And so the two of them stood in the kitchen, somehow without introducing themselves.

Are you sure you’re not going through me?

“Do you need any help?”

I asked her somehow.

“Why don’t you go study? The exam is coming up, isn’t it? Do you want me to teach you later?”

“No, thank you! I’ll be responsible for Tendo-kun’s studies!”

Himekawa’s tone is as strong as ever. This may be the first time I’ve seen Himekawa in this tone of voice.

“Well then, I’ll study over there.”

I started studying alone in the living room. I was the only one who was a bit out of the loop.

It is somehow refreshing to see two women standing side by side in the kitchen like this.

“Oh, um… Have you known Tendo-kun for long?”

“Ah, a long time. Over ten years now, I think.”

“Oh, you’ve known each other since childhood?”

“Childhood friend! No, no, no, Tsukasa! Come here for a minute.

For some reason, she called me. I was so close to her that I didn’t need her to call me so loudly.

“So, what is it?”

“Anri-chan says I’m Tsukasa’s childhood friend! You didn’t explain it to her?”

No, it was you who didn’t give me time to explain, wasn’t it?

It’s getting a little complicated. I should just introduce her now.

It’s too late to fix it now.

“Ah, Himekawa. This lady over here is my mother. She looks like this, but she’s my mother by blood.”

Himekawa’s hand, which was holding a knife, stops.

Then, moving her head like a robot, she looks at the woman wearing the apron.

“Eh? Because, no matter how I look at it, she doesn’t look that old…”

“I get told that a lot. Oops, don’t ask her age.”

That face that winks at me could look like a high school girl if I make a mistake.

Such an age-fraud mother.

“Mom, this is Anri Himekawa. She’s a classmate of mine, and since the other day—”

Mom interrupts while I’m talking.

“Ah, your father told me about you. You’re Anri, right? Tsukasa is always indebted to you.”

Suddenly, I felt something slip away from Himekawa.

Was she nervous because she had never met her before and also because of the sudden arrival of a visitor? But I’m glad she seemed to have gotten over her nervousness.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Anri Himekawa! Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Suddenly, she started to greet my mother with a crisp, clear smile.

Well, normally I would take a little more time to say hello, but oh well.

“Well, that’s why I’m glad to have you both here.”

I added a few words and returned to the living room.

That was enough for now. 

After that, the two of them proceeded to cook while conversing about something.

Apparently, the large amount of cabbage had been transformed into cabbage rolls, salad, pickles, soup, etc. “You are good cooks,” they said.

“You are a good cook, aren’t you?”

Himekawa is talking to my mother as if she is impressed.

“I’m not so sure. My mother taught me a lot of things in this boarding house. I think I can do most things.”

“I see… I wonder if you could teach me how to do it sometime.”

“Hmmm? Cooking? I don’t mind. I’ll come by once in a while, so if you don’t mind, I’ll teach you then.”

“Thank you!”

Himekawa is talking in a cheerful voice, and for some reason, she is smiling more than ever.

I’m sure it’s better for women to teach each other than for me to teach them.

Even if I can’t be a part of that group, I won’t be lonely at all!

“We’re going to have dinner soon, so why don’t you go and change your clothes, Anri-chan?”


Himekawa walks out of the kitchen with a smile on her face. Her steps are light.

“She’s a good girl. She’s too good for Tsukasa.”

“What do you mean by that?”

My mother looks at me with a smirk on her face.

Unlike my father, she often interferes with me. Is it like this for mothers everywhere?

After a while, Himekawa comes back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Okay, let’s have dinner then.”

“I’ll help you!”

The two women walk around the kitchen in harmony.

I sit at the table by myself, unable to do anything.

What’s this? Maybe I’m out of position?

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