V1 Chapter 64 | Pictures In The Frame

I retrieve the student notebook, pens, etc., which are still on the washing machine, and shove them into my pockets.

Then, turning my attention back to Himekawa, I see a picture of her in front of me.

One, two, three…

Hmm? There are only nine pictures.

That’s strange, I thought he said it was a set of ten pictures.

“Is that all of them?”

“This is all of them. Why do you have so many pictures of me, Tsukasa-kun? These are hidden pictures, aren’t they?”

Yes! You got it right!

You who answered correctly will get a live photo of Nadeshiko!

This is not the time to be doing this.

“It’s a long story…”

“Tsukasa-kun, do you want my picture?”

She asked a little shyly.

Damn it! If Himekawa, after taking a bath, gives me that kind of look and says that to me…!

“If Himekawa were to go missing, I would need a picture of her, right? I don’t have a single picture of Himekawa at home.”

Ah, that’s impossible. I can’t cover it up with such an excuse.

What should I do? Offer Takayama as a sacrifice?

Surely, Himekawa wouldn’t know about the existence of the school’s fan club.

If such a picture was passed around without her knowledge, she would surely be upset.

“Indeed, we might need a picture…”

“I know, right? Isn’t it necessary?”

Huh? Did I convince her? That’s absurd.

Could it be that Himekawa is…

She has a pure heart!

“If that’s the case, I’ll give you a proper picture, not this weird one. And I want a picture of Tsukasa-kun, too, please!”

“My picture?”

“If Tsukasa-kun goes missing too, I’ll need a picture of him, right? I have a reason to have it too!”

Himekawa is pressing me hard.

Her eyes are quite serious and she looks at me with pure and innocent eyes.

My heart aches.

“I’ll give you the album later, so you can take whichever you want with you.

“I understand. If you don’t have any good pictures, please let me take some pictures with my phone.”

Saying that Himekawa handed me nine photos she had in her hand.

Okay, mission complete? But one photo is missing, right? Where did it go?

Were there nine to begin with? Did Takayama take one out? Does Himekawa still have one piece?

Where should I look for it?

“Then I’ll go hang the laundry out to dry.”

Himekawa turns around. With a towel still wrapped around her head, she begins to take the net out of the washing machine.

Seeing this, I decided that I shouldn’t be there and begin to move to the kitchen.

I went back to my room first, put the student notebook in my bag, and left the photo on the desk as it was.

When I returned to the kitchen, I saw my mother on the sofa eating ice cream and reading a magazine.

I don’t want Himekawa to see her like this. I’d like her to be a little more, how should I say it, motherly.

“Mom, aren’t you a little careless?”

“Hmm? This is my parent’s house too, you know? Don’t you think it’s okay to relax and unwind?”

Hmmm, is that a good argument?

Well, there’s no point in hiding it, and at some point, they’re going to find out.

“In moderation.”

“Okay, okay.”

“Hey, how long are you going to wear a towel? Come on, put some clothes on.”

“Okay, okay.”

Aah! I’m so frustrated! Why are my dad and mom’s personalities so different!

My dad is more of a strict type, while my mom is in this state…

She walks into my room with an ice cream in her mouth as I shrug my shoulders.

“What about those picture frames?”

I put the two picture frames on the table and pick up the ice cream that was stuck in my mouth again.

Oh, the ice cream is dripping from the edge of her mouth. Dang, that’s sloppy!

I take a tissue in my hand and wipe Mom’s mouth.

“Oh, you’re so thoughtful.”

“Please, be a little more tactful.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll think about it.”

After finishing the ice cream, Mom throws the stick in the trash and leaves the kitchen without any explanation for the picture frame.

Huh? Did you forget? Hey…

Then I hear a high-pitched voice in the distance.

“Anri-chan, let’s do our hair together.”

They talk as if they’re of the same age.

If they stand next to each other and dress accordingly, will they look like sisters?


Two women are sitting side by side on a sofa.

I am alone, lying on the floor.

Mom is drying Himekawa’s hair. Himekawa closes her eyes and looks entranced.

“You have such nice, silky smooth hair”

“I see… Thank you very much.”

” Oh, Tsukasa, check the contents of that picture frame and hang it somewhere in the living room.”

“Oh, I understand. What’s inside this?”

Himekawa also seemed to be curious, opened her closed eyes, and looked at the picture frame on the table.

“I know it when I see it. If Tsukasa looks at the contents and doesn’t recognize them, it’s because he hasn’t studied enough.”

I slowly check the contents of the picture frame.

There is a certificate of completion for the fire prevention manager training course, which says “Certificate of Completion”.

And also a “Certificate of Completion” for the food sanitation supervisor training course.

And a plate with my mother’s name on it.

“Do you want me to display this in the living room?”

“Yes, yes. And you know what this means, right?”

I just looked it up on the Internet a while ago, but I don’t know that much about it.

I was actually planning to spend the past year or so looking into things, but I didn’t go into detail.

“Uh, the permit you need to open a boarding house?”

“Well, something like that. I’m sure Tsukasa will need one someday, but for now, I’m in charge. So, good luck!

“Oh, will mother-in-law be living here as well?”

“Hmm? I have another job too, so I’ll be leaving. My workplace is not commutable from here.”

Himekawa looks a little relieved. I understand that feeling.

“Then, what are you going to do here until the weekend?”

“I’m going to check the facilities. Checking fire alarms, locks, evacuation drills, etc., all of which can be done in two days.”

Aside from checking the facilities, are we going to have an evacuation drill?

“Oh, by the way, we had an evacuation drill when we were in the apartment.”

“So, We have to report the training and what we have done so that we can respond immediately in case of an emergency. Right, Tsukasa?”

“I see. I hadn’t looked that far into it!”

“I’m sorry to say this, but we will have an evacuation drill tomorrow morning.”

The evacuation drill was suddenly decided.

I’ve never done a drill at home before, what am I supposed to do?

I and Himekawa crossed our eyes, and I’m sure we both had question marks floating around in our heads.

Was there such a thing as an emergency hood?

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