V1 Chapter 73 | Best Picture

I was indeed flustered when I heard the shocking statement from my mom.

We are the same age and have the same name. I looked at the list of names and saw that it had the same kanji as Sugimoto, who was in my class.

I mean, it’s just the same name, isn’t it? Is there such a coincidence?

When we talked the other day, we said “nice to meet you” to each other, right?

“Mother-in-law, would you mind if I take this picture with my phone? I want to take a picture of it as a souvenir.”

I feel Himekawa’s voice is a little lower than usual.

And is it just me who felt a coldness for some reason?

“Of course it’s fine. Oh, I recommend this one too, because Tsukasa looks so cute in this one!”

There was a picture of me running around naked.

“Hey, stop! Don’t show her those pictures!”

I do my best to snatch away the album I was looking at.

Himekawa had already finished taking the first picture with her phone, and the second picture was not taken.

She almost documented me completely naked. Dangerous, dangerous…

“I’d like to get some recent photos of Tsukasa-kun, but it’s faster to take them here than to look for them, so would you mind if I take them?”

“Oh, you mean the photo I was talking about. I’d like to have a picture of you recently, Mr. Moderator. Take it as you see fit.”

I stand up, put one foot on the chair, and look at Himekawa in my own cool way.

If I am going to be photographed anyway, I want it to be taken in a cool way.

“Oh, um, no, it’s…May I ask you to pose normally?”

What the heck, I went to the trouble of posing for her.

Himekawa took some pictures of me sitting on the sofa, and the photo session ended without incident.

Now if I go missing, they can use it when they make a search request.

Oh, by the way, I told Takayama that my mother had written in the notebook.

I should take a picture of my mother to prove that she really wrote it in the notebook.

“Mom, can I take one picture of you?”

This is a picture that proves it in a way.

If I took a picture of the writing in the notebook on our tea table and showed it to him together with a picture of Mom, then my credibility would increase.

I was smart. This would make it all add up.

“What? Photographs? That’s fine. I’ll take one with Anri-chan.”

Mom halfway forcibly folds Himekawa’s arms and they both look at me.

They both smile at me and give me a peace sign. Himekawa’s slightly embarrassed expression is cute.

Even if I took a picture of the two of them, I could crop and edit the photo later.

“Okay, I’ll take the picture.”

I was able to take a picture of the two of them side by side. All that was left was to edit the photo and it would be perfect.

But it’s a pretty good picture. I’ll protect this one as a souvenir.

While I was working on my phone alone, my mother spoke to Himekawa.

“I see, Anri-chan wants Tsukasa’s picture. If you want, I can send you some stuff by messenger, okay?”

Mom was making fun of me from the side.

The pictures I just took are enough.

“Yes, please send them to me later if you don’t mind.”

“Okay. Then, let’s exchange numbers later. Oh, and while we’re at it, shall I take a picture of the two of you side by side?”

What? Why would you do that in the context of what we just talked about?

I don’t really want to take a picture with Himekawa…

No, let’s take it as a souvenir. I’m going to take a picture with Himekawa as a memento.

“Well, let’s have it taken as a commemoration. Anri, come next to me. Let’s take a picture together.”

I was sitting in the middle of the sofa but moved a little to the left to make room on the right side.

There, Himekawa sits down without saying a word.

She was fussing a while ago, but now she is much quieter.

Recently. Himekawa’s emotions seem to be changing. Is it my imagination?

“Look, come a little closer. It won’t fit on the screen.”

Mom is backing up a lot, too, but apparently, she’s off-screen.

“Look, Anri, come a little closer.”

I put my hand on Himekawa’s right shoulder as if I was holding her and leaned toward her with a little more force.

At the same time, Himekawa staggered and her lips touched my cheek.


Then, Himekawa slowly adjusts her position and looks at me.

I can clearly see that her face is getting redder and redder.

My face is probably getting red, too.

Well, even in such a situation, my mother is taking pictures of us.

Which one of you is about to start speaking up? Are you ready?

Yes, One—

“Oh, I’m sorry! That was an accident! That doesn’t count!”

I bowed my head toward Himekawa.

Himekawa put her index finger to her lips and looked down silently.

Looking at her expression, I could see that she was desperately trying to hold back her embarrassment.

Huh? If she had been her usual self, I would have expected her to make a good deal of noise and run out of the living room.

I was having a hard time dealing with her unusual reaction.

“Well, I got a good picture, didn’t I? It’s your best shot. I’ll send it to you two later. Oh, I’ve got to get the washing machine going!”

Mom walks out of the living room with a smile on her face for some reason.

On the sofa is Himekawa, her face bright red, and me next to her, completely clueless as to how to respond to her.

I have a part-time job today, you know? Can I go to my part-time job under such circumstances?

Even in such a situation, it is impossible to stop time, and the time for the part-time job is getting closer and closer.

I have to get going.

“Oh, Anri? Shouldn’t you go to your part-time job soon? We’re going to be late, aren’t we?”

Nodding silently, Himekawa takes my hand as she stands up first, and together we head for the entrance with her slightly unsteady footing.

“Ah, you two, after we eat dinner together today, I’m leaving! Come home early!

“Ok, I’ll be home early!”

Himekawa doesn’t reply. But I have to go to work.

Taking Himekawa’s hand, who was completely speechless, we headed to our part-time job just as we did yesterday.

I hope she’ll be back to life by the time our part-time job starts…


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