V2 Chapter 11 | Sweet Omelette


Step by step, my consciousness awakens.

The sounds in my ears were familiar.

“Tsukasa-kun, it’s almost morning. Are you still sleeping?”

Along with the sound of the door opening, I hear Anri’s bright voice.

At the same time, the delicious smell of miso soup wafts through the air.

I silently turn over and get ready to start up.

It will still take a few dozen seconds to boot up. I don’t have the fast startup option.

While I was wriggling around in the futon, Anri came over to me next to the bed.

Sitting on the bed, Anri gently strokes my cheek.

“Well, are you still sleeping? Hmm, your sleeping face is so cute.”

Cute?. I’m not sure if I have that look on my face.

I’m not drooling, am I?


When I spoke up, Anri immediately moved her hand away and stood back up beside the bed.

Anri’s instantaneous power must be considerable. It was truly a high-speed movement.

“Look, if you don’t get up soon, you’ll be late!”

I’m getting up now…

“That’s right!”

The futon was ripped off in a heap, and all the warmth was blown away.

Anri, you don’t have to go that far…

“Good morning…”

“Good morning. Breakfast will be ready soon. Let’s have breakfast after you wash your face.”

“You’re up early. Is everything ready?”

“Nothing like that. I just woke up early.”

I got up quietly, washed my face, and went to the dining table.

There is a meal lined up there that only Anri made.

Unlike the last time I saw them, they are normal. Yes, a completely normal breakfast.

I sat down on a chair, and Anri shared rice and miso soup with me.

Am I the only one who is somewhat embarrassed?


“There’s still time for a second serving.”

Anri, sitting opposite me, also prepared her own rice and looked at me.

I wonder if I should say something here?

“You worked hard this morning. It looks very good.”

“Yes, I did my best in my own way.”

“May I eat?”

“Of course, of course. Please eat a lot.”


Drinking the miso soup was normal.

No, it was rather good. I was nervous inside, but I could taste the broth and above all, the miso soup.

This growth in just a few days makes sensei very happy!

And then there is this omelet. It looks yellow and ordinary, but take a bite.

Shocking. It is a sweet, intensely sweet omelet. It tastes just like the tamagoyaki my mother used to make.

“These omelettes are good, aren’t they?”

“Yes, it is. I learned how to make them from mother-in-law. You can find them in today’s lunch box.”

The first time I saw her, she was smiling and talking to me.

The expression on her face yesterday is a lie. How could she change so much in just one night?

Was I mistaken about her expression and state of mind yesterday?

“Lunchboxes, that’s something to look forward to.”

――Pirōn, pirōn

My phone rings. Who is it at this hour?

I operate the phone in my hand and check the contents.

Can I make lunch for you today too?”

It’s Sugimoto. He must have contacted me because of yesterday’s incident.

I immediately replied to the message.

“I’ll bring my own lunch today”

“Then, I’ll bring only dessert. Let’s have lunch together again.”

I declined the bento, but the dessert seemed to come with it.

Well, I don’t mind if it’s just that.

I looked at Anri and saw that she was operating her phone just like me.

“Could it be…?”

“It’s Ayane. She asked me if I wanted her to make lunch again today. So, Tsukasa-kun, please decline. I’ll have Ayane’s lunch box.”

“Does Anri get a bento?”

“I don’t see any reason to refuse. If I said no, it would feel strange.”

“I see… Hey, should I tell them about us?”

“I was thinking the same thing. But can we talk about it after the test?”

“I guess so. I’ll tell those two when we’re done with the test…”

“I have thought about it a lot. I like Tsukasa-kun and I also like Ayane. That is my honest feeling. So, I want to face Ayane straight. But that will come after the test. Is that okay?”

“I think it’s fine. I think that’s how Anri honestly feels.”

I managed to reach an agreement with Anri, and we decided to focus on the exam for now.

I know a lot has happened, but if I get a red mark or our relationship falls apart, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Let’s concentrate on studying and think about it afterward.

Can I face Takayama straight on?

To be honest, I am afraid. I don’t know what the outcome will be.

What would happen to the relationship between me and Takayama if I were to talk to him honestly? Will we be able to spend time together as we have in the past? I don’t know… I don’t have an answer.

After breakfast, we headed to the train station together and parted at the station where the school is located.

The train ride to school together makes me feel happy.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Oh, okay. See you in class.”

We parted at the platform, and Anri went to school first.

It’s a brief goodbye. But I’d rather go to class with her without doing this.

Anri was quite popular until the incident.

And she even has a fan club. She is probably still popular.

Like Takayama, what would happen to me if the school found out I was her boyfriend?

Would they bully me? Would I lose my jacket, and my textbooks, or get graffiti on my desk?

I don’t want that kind of school life. Even if I were to tell everyone about it, I would have to take measures to deal with it.

I want to be a guy who has no problem walking next to Anri. I have to become a man who doesn’t get a shove from school.

For now, I will achieve good results in the exam. Then, let’s aim to become a man who does not feel out of place when walking next to Anri.

I am sure I can do it. No, I have to do it. I’m sure I can do it! Maybe…

Then I put the earphones in my ears and play my usual song.

This song calms me down. I don’t know why. I just find myself doing it.

Listening to my usual music, I head off to school alone, just like I always do.

I wonder if one day we will be able to go to school together.

I wonder if Takayama and Sugimoto will welcome us with smiles when that day comes…


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