V2 Chapter 12 | Photograph

V2 Chapter 12 | Photograph

It’s been a few minutes since I left Anri. I am standing in line in front of the main gate.

I am standing in line in front of the main gate because an unannounced inspection of my belongings is being conducted.

If you get caught in the inspection, you will be summoned to the guidance office and given a letter of reflection.

Fortunately, my uniform, which my mother washed for me, is in perfect condition.

I have my student handbook in my pocket, and I didn’t bring anything extra.

“Next! Bring your student handbook with you!”

The one shouting is the student advisor and physical education teacher.

He is also known as Gori-san. He always wears a tank top and is always in summer.

I pull out my student handbook from my breast pocket and show him the contents of my bag.

“It’s Tsukasa Tendo. You’ve got everything you need. Hmm? Why, do you have a picture in your notebook?”

Yes? I don’t remember putting my picture in my notebook.

What are you talking about?

“A picture?”

“Well, a picture is fine. But she’s popular, isn’t she? How many have you taken today?”

What on earth are you talking about?

On my way to the entrance, I looked at the contents of the notebook that had been returned to me.

There was a picture tucked into the notebook.

It was the photo of Anri that Takayama had given me that day.

I thought I had lost one of them, but it was stuck in my notebook…

In this photo, Anri is at her desk studying diligently.

She is not looking at the camera, but the photo is somehow captivating.

I wonder if Anri didn’t want to leave me either…

Somewhat pleased, I gently put the photo back in my notebook.


“I’m going to go to the rooftop first today too, Tendo.”

“Oh, Takayama, do you want to buy something?”

“No, I’m bringing my own tea today, so I’ll be fine. Come on, hurry up!”

After buying tea from the vending machine, I headed for the rooftop in a bit of a hurry.

I hope Anri is getting along well with Sugimoto, I hope it’s not too awkward.

About me and Anri, about Takayama and Sugimoto.

I want to talk to someone about it, but there is no one in this school I can talk to about such things…

“Here you go.”

The usual members of the group are on the spread out sheet.

I sit down next to Takayama with my lunch box in my hand.

“We’ve been waiting for you! Let’s eat quickly!

When I looked at Takayama’s lunch box, I noticed that the shape was different from usual.

It is usually a large two-tier bento, but today it is as large as a stacked box.

“Here, dessert for you too, Tendo-san.”

In the cup she handed me was a fruit jelly.

It looks so delicious and bright.

“Ayane is good at cooking, isn’t she? I heard you made this jelly by yourself.”

“No, I didn’t. It’ s just that my brother begs me to make it for him, so I naturally became able to make it myself.”

She hands cups and spoons to everyone, looking a little embarrassed.

‘Yes, yes! Itadakimasu!”

Takayama’s bento is a rather luxurious three-tier lunch box. Did he make that many?

“Hey, isn’t Takayama’s lunch bigger than usual and more luxurious?”

“Hmm? Sugimoto-san made this for me! It’s not My Mother’s lunch today! It’s Sugimoto-san’s bento!”

He was eating his bento with great enthusiasm.

It was refreshing to see him eat so much.

Although he eats a lot, he is not fat. He has a good physique in his own way.

Where on earth do all those calories go?

“Oh, it’s so good! I could die like this! Homemade bento, I’m so happy!”

No, it’s too early to die. We’ll be in trouble if you die here.

“I don’t know, it’s rare to see Tendo with a bento box. Who made it for you?”

Huh. I expected this question. I knew you’d ask me that beforehand.

I saw Anri’s face in my field of vision. She doesn’t seem to be in a panic.

But her chopsticks have stopped moving.

I answer Takayama with the line I had decided on beforehand.

“My family made this for me. It just so happens to be today.”

Perfect. Thank you for the wonderful reply.

“I see, but it’s quite pretty when you look at what’s inside. Like the tako inners and the egg rolls. Oh, is that heart-shaped thing possibly sasakama?” TLN:[Tako = Octopus]

Huh? Sasakama? I take a look at the contents of my lunch box.

Indeed, the sasakama is cut out and shaped like a heart.

“Ah, ah. Sasakama. It’s pretty good, huh?”

I pick up a heart of sasakama with my chopsticks and throw it into my mouth.

Yes, it’s sasakama.

Tendo’s mother seems to be quite young. And the letters appear to be written by a girl…”

Oh, that’s where you’re going with this.

I took some pictures for this day.

“Here, look at this.”

I show Takayama a picture of my mom from my phone.

I also showed him the letters in the notebook I had at home, but Takayama’s reaction was strange.

“Is that Tendo Nee-chan…?

“No, it’s my mother. Look at the photo.”

Takayama is looking at the picture intently.

Look, what’s the matter? Give me some kind of reaction.

“Wow, she’s so young… She’s so different from my mom…”

Okay, now I’ve solved one problem.

I’m a kid who can do it too. Thank you!

“Well, a picture would be nice. What about after school? Can we use the study hall?”

“I got the keys first thing in the morning. We can all study together.”

“I hope you didn’t switch the air conditioner on the wrong way today. It got unusually hot yesterday. ……”

Anri is complaining. It’s true that yesterday the unusually hot weather hit us.

Probably, when Takayama turned on the switch, it was supposed to be on heating. But there is no proof.

I don’t think so, but he didn’t turn on the heating on purpose to make us take off our uniforms, did he?

The effect of the photo shown to Takayama probably would have avoided the matter of the notebook written by Anri.

However, this did not solve everything.

I don’t hate this atmosphere.

It is an inevitable path for me to spend my school life with Anri in peace.

I’m sure we’ll be able to work it out, and I must not destroy this atmosphere.


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