V2 Chapter 13 | Takayama’s Plan

The sun is shining in the sky and clouds are drifting far above us.

It is late afternoon and the four of us are enjoying our lunch on a sheet on the roof of the school.

Today’s specialties are Sugimoto’s three-tier lunch box and homemade jelly.

Yesterday, because of someone else, the study room became an endurance contest.

I hope that won’t happen today!

“I’m sure it’ll be fine today. Sugimoto-san’s bento is very tasty, though! Thank you!”

Takayama started talking, a little agitated.

He immediately switched from the topic of the air conditioner to the lunch box.

“No, no, you’re welcome. You’re welcome. I’m happy too that you enjoyed it so much.”

It was hard to read her expression, but Sugimoto’s face was slightly reddish as if she was embarrassed.

“I really want to eat a lunch box like this every day!”

Takayama’s straightforward remark made even me embarrassed.

How can you say such a thing out loud? Isn’t it embarrassing?

“Takayama-san. Aren’t you embarrassed to speak so loudly?”

Anri asked on my behalf.

I’m sure our hearts are connected somewhere.

“Hm? I am not ashamed at all. It’s the truth that I think from the bottom of my heart. I would eat this bento every day!”

Takayama is eating Sugimoto’s lunch with a smile. Sugimoto, on the other hand, is moving slower than before.

What is it? Is he embarrassed?

“Tendo looks like a good lunch box too. We both feel happy when we have a good bento!”

“Yes, because the person who made it puts his or her heart and soul into the bento.”

While I was having such a conversation with Takayama, the women sitting across from us were getting somewhat confused.

They looked at each other and seemed embarrassed.

The lunch box made by Ayane is really delicious. But isn’t it too much work every time?

“I don’t think so. I like making bento and sweets. I like it when someone eats it and makes me happy.”

What a nice girl. She has the skills to cook and make sweets and desserts, and she doesn’t mind doing so.

She is wonderful, and Takayama, next to her, is eating with a smile on his face and a few tears on his eyelids.

“Sugimoto-san… I’m happy! Let me thank you with something next time!”

“No, you don’t have to thank me. I didn’t do anything special for you.”

“No, it’s bad enough that you keep giving me things! All right, let me buy you a meal out sometime! This is one thing I won’t give up!”

Oops, Takayama-san. Is that how you planned things to do after the movie?

You are quite a schemer…

Yes, but such ……”

Sugimoto-san was a little upset, but not totally refusing to help.

Shall I offer a helping hand here?

“Sugimoto-san. Takayama has a man’s pride too. Can you buy me a drink here?”

I’m indebted to Takayama for the photos and all.

“Ummm, yes. Thank you. Then I’ll take your word for it.”

Sugimoto-san smiled, his cheeks reddening as he turned his gentle smile toward Takayama.

However, Takayama’s cheeks are slightly hung up, and grinning as he eats his lunch box in one hand, gorging himself on it.

If I were to use an analogy, he looks like an evil scoundrel.

I knew he was making a big deal out of the dinner, didn’t I? He’s an easy guy to understand.

“Okay! Then let’s proceed with the details after the test! Of course, Himekawa-san and Tendo, let’s go together!”

“I’m sorry. I’ll take you up on your offer and treat you to a sumptuous dinner.”

“No, Tendo, you’ll have to pay your own.”

The four of them laughed. It had been a while since they had laughed.

Both Anri and Sugimoto-san were laughing. I want to cherish such a time.

We shared a little bit at the same time, and the four of us are starting to walk together.

I don’t know what will happen to any of us in the future. But it’s not a bad idea to cherish this time and spend it together.

For me, too, high school life comes but once. It is the same for the four of us here.

I have to think about the future so that I can continue to enjoy every day.

What should I do in the future?

There is no one at this school I can talk to about this.

There is! There was!

I remembered. There was someone I could talk to, someone I could trust.

The sooner the better. Let’s use this time right now to go talk to him!

We had finished eating our lunches and were now chatting.

It is still too early for the lunch break to be over. We can go.

“Ah, it hurts……”

“What’s the matter? Tendo, do you have a stomach ache?”

Anri, Sugimoto, and Takayama look at me worriedly.

I’m sorry, I’m acting. I don’t really have pain anywhere.

Okay, let’s say I have a stomachache.

“My stomach suddenly ……”

“Are you all right? What happened suddenly?

Anri came up to me, looking worried.

“I have sudden pain in my stomach. I’m going to the infirmary. You don’t have to wait for me, just go back to the classroom first.”

I left with my empty lunch box in hand.

The three of them looked at me. I’m sorry. I have my reasons.

I’m sure he can solve my problem.

I’m sure that he will…


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