V2 Chapter 15 | Momentary Movement


“Te, Tendo…”

Today’s class was over, and as I was shoving my study materials into my bag to head to the study room, Takayama called out to me in a weak voice.

He sounded as if he was about to run out of steam, which was unusual for him.

“What’s wrong, with a voice like that? That’s unusual.”

I slung the bag over my shoulder and peeked at Takayama, his face slightly pale.

“I think I might be screwed…”

“What happened?”

“My stomach is…”

Takayama is holding his stomach and appealing to me with teary eyes.

I happen to have in my hand the stomach medicine that Bear gave me.

“Here, I’ll give you this.”

Ta, that’s a big help…”

While we were having this exchange, Anri and Sugimoto came up next to us.

“What’s wrong?”

Sugimoto called out to Takayama with a worried look in her eyes.

“No, my stomach is a little…”

“Tendo-san has a stomachache, and Takayama-san also has a stomachache…Maybe it’s the dessert I made…”

No, that’s not true. I don’t have a stomach ache, and I’m doing rather well.

Next to me, Anri also looks at me with concern.

“I’m not sure if it’s the lunch that gave you the stomach ache, Tendo-san? Or was it the dessert…”

Oh, no. I’m going to be the victim of my own doing.

“I’m sure that’s not true. I’m sure Takayama eats too much. Hey, hey, Takayama.”

Anri’s bento was delicious. Sugimoto-san’s dessert was also good.

What was bad was my response. Sorry, everyone…

“I just had an early bento made by my mom, ate a three-tier bento for lunch, and had dessert…”

Yup. That’s called eating too much.

“Are you okay, Tendo-san?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You two don’t need to worry.”

Next to me, Takayama is taking stomach medicine and taking a breather.

He will probably feel better soon.

“Takayama will be fine in no time, let’s go to the study room.”

I took Takayama’s bag, which was still slightly damaged, and the four of us headed for the study room.


Sugimoto-san turned on the air conditioner.

It looks like we won’t have to endure the endurance contest today.

The seating order was the same as yesterday. The only difference was that Takayama was less excited.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to the infirmary.”

Takayama is wobbling around and about to leave the study room.

Should I go with him?

“Ah, I’ll escort you.”

Sugimoto-san gets up from his seat and tries to support Takayama’s shoulder.

“I’ll be fine. I can go by myself.”

“You look a little pale. Anri and Tendo-san, please wait for me in the study room.”

I and Anri decided to wait for them to go out of the study room.

They left and for a few minutes, there was no conversation.

We were writing in each other’s notebooks, reading our textbooks, and somehow became aware of each other.

Anri’s hand stops and her pen rolls over her notebook. Then she moves a little closer to me and leans her shoulder against me.

“Tsukasa-kun. Are you sure your stomach is okay? I’ve tasted it many times, maybe it’s because of my bento…”

Anri complains to me with little teary eyes.

I’m not that worried about it.

“Anri’s bento was delicious. Thank you for making it.”

I smiled and patted her head.

She answered me with a smile.

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yes, it was really good. I hope you make it again.”

“Yes, I’ll make it again.”

We were alone in the study room because of Takayama’s stomachache.

We had never been alone at school before.

My and Anri’s hands were clasped under the table.

“Is Anri going to tell Sugimoto-san about us?”

“Yes,… I’ve thought about it a lot, but I’m going to talk to her after the movie is over and I’ve settled down.”

“I’m thinking of talking to Takayama too. Can I tell Takayama about us?”

“I want those two to know about us. And if possible, I want to be able to spend more time with Tsukasa-kun at school…”

“I want to be with Anri and more together and closer to her at school too…”

The distance between me and Anri gets closer.

Just, just a few more seconds and our faces are almost touching each other.

Then, Anri closes her eyes, and my lips overlap hers – and then my lips are on top of hers.


“I’m back!”

A moment later. I and Anri return to our original seats.

Then we started to open each other’s notebooks and reference books.

“Anri! Your reference book is upside down!

“Oh? You two, are you making progress?”

Takayama is completely back to his usual routine.

Behind him, I can see Sugimoto-san peeking at us.

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back. Did you find Kuma-san?”

“Oh, he rubbed my stomach in several places and gave me some medicine, and the pain went away. He said I ate too much.”

My heart is racing, but I take great care not to show it on my face.

Anri is still looking down, hiding her face with her reference book.

From my vantage point, I can see that her ears are reddening.

“I can finally concentrate now! I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“No problem. The test is coming up soon, so let’s do our best, shall we?”

“Yes, of course. But thanks to Anri, it’s easier for me to study and I’m getting more done.”

Right. Anri is at the top of her grade level academically. And she is also very good at teaching.

And surprisingly, Takayama was also very good at teaching.

I concentrated and studied for a while, but gradually my concentration began to wane.

Maybe I should take a break.

“How about we take a break soon?”

“Hmm? Has it been that long already? That was fast.

Takayama puts down his pen and stands tall.

Anri also put down her pen and stretched out like Takayama.

Then Sugimoto, like Anri, folded his hands and started to extend his arms above his head.

At the same time, Takayama’s eyes seemed to be looking at Sugimoto’s chest area and he started to stretch his nose a little.

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing…

It’s hard to believe that this is the behavior of a guy who had a stomachache and was groaning a while ago…

But my eyes were firmly fixed on Anri despite all that.


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