V2 Chapter 16 | Feelings of Happiness

Everyone started to close their notebooks and put their pens in their cases.

I followed suit, putting pens in my pencil case and closing my notebook and textbooks.

“Then let’s take a break, shall we? Can we have some free time for a while?”

I guess what Anri means by free time is free time in the true sense of the word.

Then, shall I bring out the secret item?

“Well, let’s have a snack then.

I took out the candy I had stored in my bag and laid it out on the table.

Since the unit price of candy is low, it is possible to buy a large variety of candy in large quantities.

I brought a small bag of them today.

“Tendo is very well prepared. Can I have some?”

“Of course. Himekawa-san and Sugimoto-san, please take some and eat it.”

Everyone enjoys a short rest while eating snacks.

Oh, you know what? I have a question I’d like to ask you guys. Is it okay?”

Sugimoto spoke with a piece of candy in his hand.

“Ask me anything!”

“What is it that you want to ask everyone?”

“As long as I can answer.”

Sugimoto got the three answers from all three of us.

“I’ve told Anri about this before, but I actually write manga as a hobby. And you know, I’m about to finish my first book.”

Right on! I had once predicted that she might be drawing manga at home, but I knew it!

I’m gut-punching inside, but I don’t show it.

“I haven’t seen the manga that Ayane drew yet, but she’s supposed to show it to me when it’s finished.”

‘Well, so…. I was wondering if you could tell me what types of the opposite sex you like and what attracts you to them for reference. ……”

Is this going to be a story for a manga?

I don’t know if it would be helpful to hear our opinions, but I guess I’ll just answer the usual questions.

“I definitely prefer someone who’s a good cook! And I want a cute girl that I can feel like “I want to protect her!” like that”

I’m sure there will be some mention of breasts in there.

But I guess you have nothing to say about it here.

“Just like Takayama. Yes, I want someone I feel comfortable with.”

I feel comfortable when I’m with Anri. I even wish the time we spent together would last forever.

I think I may have fallen in love with Anri more than I thought I would.

‘I am… Someone who has their own ideas, is kind and well rounded. Also, if possible, we should be able to cook together.”

Oh, you got a vote for cooking, just like Takayama.

Just eating a good meal makes me happy.

“I see. So that’s how it is, thank you. I’ll take that into consideration. Actually, something amazing happened yesterday…”

An amazing thing happened yesterday. A love story.

If you guess at these things, you can see a path.

Yesterday’s event. I knew it was Sugimoto, didn’t I?

What is Sugimoto trying to tell us here and now…

I’m thirsty…

I reached for the juice I had on hand and downed the contents in a few sips.

“Did something happen yesterday?”

I ask Sugimoto so that he doesn’t realize how upset I am.

Anri didn’t know Sugimoto was watching her.

“I saw someone in front of the station yesterday on my way home.”

I know, right? I knew we were being watched.

I thought I was mistaken, but it was Sugimoto.

“What did you see? Was there an accident in front of the station?”

Takayama’s skill at speaking clearly even with food in his mouth.

It’s not great, but it seems useful.

I look over at Anri and she is completely frozen.

She notices the thing on the bench yesterday. I can see the gradual change in her complexion.

“Yesterday, I saw these high school kids hugging each other on a bench in front of the station. I don’t know who it was because I was too far away, but I think it was probably from our high school.”

What? You don’t know who it is?

I saw her from the distance, and I could have sworn it was Sugimoto…

“Was it one of our students?”

“Probably. I saw the same uniform, but I was too far away to recognize him. My eyesight is not that good. If I got too close, the other person would notice me. But even from a distance, I was really nervous.”

Sugimoto is a little embarrassed as she talks to me, her cheeks reddening.

Anri’s cheeks are as red as Sugimoto’s.

Takayama is also blushing. He’s surprisingly pure-hearted…

“When I saw it, I was embarrassed. But then I thought how nice it is to be in love.”

Sugimoto must be stimulated by seeing a man and a woman embracing each other.

Fortunately, she was unaware that it was me and Anri.

Thank goodness. My worries are gone from here. Thank you, God. Many thanks to you.

“Sugimoto-san got to see a rare scene. I wouldn’t be able to do such an embarrassing thing in the city!”

Surprisingly, Takayama is embarrassed.

I’ve never seen Takayama’s face like this before.

“But when I see them looking so happy, it kind of makes me happy too, you know?”

Sugimoto turned completely red. She must be vividly remembering what happened yesterday.

“Yes, that’s right. When I see a happy person, I feel happy too.”

“I wanted everyone to be happy, Tendo-san, Takayama-san, and of course Anri. I wanted everyone to be happy. I’m sure we’ll be friends until we graduate, right?”

I could not give an immediate answer to that question.

I’m sure Anri might be thinking the same thing.

“Of course! We’re in the same class, and of course, we’re going to stay close! Not just until graduation, but long after graduation. Right, Tendo?”

Takayama shakes me with a smile. I believe in you.

I’m sure Takayama believes in me too.

“That’s right. I think we will be friends for a long time to come.”

I answer with a smile, and my true desire is to be with everyone.

But maybe it will shatter like glass and never come back.

The day will soon come when I will tell you about Anri and I’s secret.

Even if that day comes, will the four of us be able to share the same time together again?

I still feel uneasy. But I have decided to tell them…

My hand was slightly touching Anri’s hand under the table.

Feeling the warmth of her hand, my resolve did not waver.


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