V2 Chapter 18 | Beginning of Test

V2 Chapter 18 | Beginning of Test

“Let’s get homeroom started!”

Testing has finally begun. Today, five subjects will be tested.

I have been studying hard up until now. I am especially confident in math.

I have an appointment with Anri and a deal with the boss. I also have to meet the expectations of Sugimoto who rented me a study room.

It’s different from the previous tests and I have to deliver the results.

I’m a little nervous…

“Now, I’ve been telling you for some time that we’re going to conduct a test. The results of the test will be used to divide this class into groups. There are exactly 16 men and 16 women, for a total of 32 students. According to the results, we will form a group of two boys and two girls, and they will be assigned to that group for one year. Except for special exceptions, the group will be decided by us, so each of you will do your best to achieve good results.”

Groups are decided according to the results of the test. This is a familiar system at this school.

Depending on the score, students are assigned to a group where they follow up with each other to improve their academic performance.

And the group will continue for one year. This is a game you can’t lose…

“The test will be given until the fifth period. In the sixth period, the results will be announced and the students will change seats. Now, students, give it your all. Oh, and this has nothing to do with the test.”

―― Kīnkōnkānkōn

“…Okay, that’s it for homeroom. I know there isn’t one, but don’t cheat or anything, okay?”

There was none of the usual derailing small talks. Well, the time had finally come.

“Te, Tendo…”

A slightly listless Takayama called out to me.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a pain in your chest?”

“No, my chest doesn’t hurt. I stayed up all night last night, so I was sleepy and drowsy…”

I don’t think he did, but don’t sleep during the test, okay?

I’d say I’m sleepy because I was studying until the wee hours of the morning too, though.

Now that Anri and I are dating, I can’t get a bad grade.

“Well, it’s called a test, but it’s all mark sheets, so at worst, if you mark appropriately, you won’t get a red mark, right?”

“Don’t say that… I have to score better than Nadeshiko in at least one subject. Besides, I would feel bad for Sugimoto.”

Hmm? I felt something strange. Was it my imagination?

“Thanks to you, I can study slowly. I should be grateful.”

“Right? She went out of her way first thing in the morning to secure the key for us to study there. I have to return the favor.”

After all, Takayama was also studying.

I have a feeling that he will probably come out with not bad results.

I’ve done my fair share too. I have to show that I can do it.

―― Gararararara

A teacher who is not the homeroom teacher enters the classroom.

Good morning, everyone. Let’s begin the test.

The teacher’s voice lacks a sense of tension.

I don’t know if people call her a calm type or a natural type, but everything she does is slow.

However, she is popular among male students because she looks cute and fluffy.

The teacher begins to hand out the question and answer sheets and looks at her watch.

“Now, please read the notes on the first page of the question paper carefully and fill in the answer sheet so as not to make any mistakes. Then, please begin.”

The sound of all the students flipping through the printouts at the same time echoed through the classroom.

I look at Anri with a sideways glance, but her face is as dignified and serious as usual.

She usually wears her hair straightened without tying it up, but today she unusually has her hair tied up.

The nape of her neck, which is normally invisible, is showing nicely.

Anri is also fully motivated. But there are some things I can’t give in to.

Anri, I’m going to win today!

I turned the printout with such vigor that the eraser on the desk flew away.

I had no choice but to raise my hand and ask the teacher to take the eraser.

“Tendo-san, here’s the eraser. Please be careful not to drop it.”

I was so embarrassed. I did it right from the start.

Some of my classmates were looking at me sideways. I had to stop it, please…

I got myself together, looked at the question paper, and marked my answers on the answer sheet.

The first period is English. To be honest, I’m not very good at it.

But I’ve been studying reasonably well for the past few days after Anri taught me some tricks.

At least, I should be able to improve on my previous score.

I will not waste the time I spent studying with Anri at the study group we all attended together.

I’m going to get results, results…

―― Kīnkōnkānkōn

“Yes, that’s it! Pass the answer sheet around from the back to the front.”

The teacher at the podium is wearing a white lab coat.

He is a slender, good-looking man with glasses.

According to information from Takayama, he gets along reasonably well with female students.

He is not the same type as Kuma-san, but he seems to be popular among female students.

I heard that he mixes strange liquids in the empty science lab.

There are strange rumors, both good and bad.

“The results will be out soon, so until then, stay in the classroom. Also, I found some cheaters in another class. There was no cheating in this class, but please take the exam seriously.”

The teacher took the answer sheet and walked out of the classroom.

It was over. The test was finally over. As one would expect, a five-hour test in a row is quite a painful experience.

Suddenly, I looked at Takayama in the seat behind me.

Ah, he is running out of energy. His forehead was resting on the desk and his arms were slumped.

“Takayama, are you okay?”

“I did it. I finished it. ……”

I see. Takayama was working hard in his own way.

“You’ll see the results soon enough. Well, but it was quite a challenge.”

Yes, there were a few problems that I probably couldn’t solve with just my usual study.

If I took my time, I could probably solve them, but they were quite difficult.

There were a lot of tricky questions, and even though it was a mark-sensing test, it was difficult to give immediate answers.

I left some questions to luck, but that was to be expected.

“But this will relieve me from studying every day! No morning study or late night studying for a while!”

Takayama was a little revived.

It’s true, all I did was study for a while. It would be nice to take a break after this.

“I guess so. Let’s take some rest.”

―― Garararara

“Okay, everyone’s here. Now, I’m going to return the results. The three students will be returned in the order of their overall test scores. After that, the results will be returned in the order of the list, so the top three students should come to the front when called. Also, on the result sheets, class rank and grade rank are written for each subject and overall score. Make sure you know where you stand.”

Finally, it came. Our future depends on this one piece of paper.

I haven’t felt like this since the high school entrance exam.

It will probably be nothing more than a test result sheet now.

But when I go out into the world in the future, it will be my evaluation sheet.

Not only will you be evaluated on your ability or inability to do your job, but also on your everyday behavior.

This is practice before going out into the world.

If you don’t work hard and produce results, other people will overtake you.

It is foolish to do nothing. We must seek results, take measures, and act.

“Then, first place overall—”

How will the results come out this time? Anri, it’s a game!


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