V2 Chapter 19 | Announcement of Test Results

“Anri Himekawa, to the front. Another good result this time.”

That’s right! You were first in your grade on the last test as well, so you will be first again this time too.

You study as much as I do, and the gap between us won’t be bridged anytime soon.

I knew that. I knew that, but it’s so frustrating!

Next time, I’ll do better and look back at Anri…

I was feeling such dreadful feelings, but Anri got up from her seat and went to the podium with dignity.

Her expression is not a smile, but a blank expression.

I somehow feel the aura of a champion, and I can’t help but admire her.

That’s cool…

After receiving the papers from the teacher and going straight back to her seat, she stares intently at the result sheets.

“Himekawa is the best in the grade. I’m not saying that everyone should be like Himekawa. But each of you should have a goal and make an effort. There are not so many geniuses. Most are ordinary people. But with ninety-nine percent effort…”

Oh, I know that. Ninety-nine percent effort and one percent inspiration, right?

It’s a famous saying.

“It’s the sparkle of one percent. Himekawa is also making an effort. And I hope you will all shimmer like Himekawa.”

……. Yes? What do you mean by “shimmer?” …… Each person is told to shine.

The whole class is in a scene. I’m sure it’s because they don’t understand what the teacher means.

I don’t understand it this time either.

“You understand!”


The students replied in unison. But how many of them really understood?

“Next. Second place overall. Takumi Endo. Come in front.”

Endo is in second place? I do believe that his last ranking was in the single digits.

Well, I guess that’s fair enough.

Endo is a handsome, fresh-looking guy.

He is quite popular among the girls in this class.

He is also a good student and a regular member of the basketball team for one year.

There is no reason for him not to be popular with the girls. But he has no contact with me. Of course, I have never talked to him.

She passed by me and strode to the podium.

“It was a shame. You’re so close to matching Himekawa. Next time, you should aim for first place.”

Endo took the result sheet in his hand and went to his seat.

Suddenly, my eyes meet Endo’s. And I notice that his cheeks are a little more upturned than usual.

What is this guy doing? Is he going to say something to me just because he got a good mark?

But he doesn’t say anything to me, and simply walks past me.

However, Endo quickly left a small piece of rolled-up paper on my desk.

What a jerk, leaving trash and stuff behind.

“Next. Third place overall, Tsukasa Tendo. In front.”

Why did he leave the garbage? I glanced at it, but there was some writing on it.

A love letter? I’m sorry, but I have Anri.

Besides, I like girls more than boys. It’s normal.

Sorry, I can’t go out with Endo.

“Tendo. Do you hear me?”

I unfolded the folded paper.

I knew there was something written inside.

“I won’t give you Himekawa-san.”

Endo, what do you mean? Can I take it as meaning that you won’t give her to me?

As I hold the paper in my hand and read it carefully, Takayama behind me taps me on the shoulder.

What? I’m busy right now. Can we talk about this later?

“Hey, Tendo. Can you hear me? Tendo?”

“I can hear you. I’m a little busy right now.”

Is Endo after Anri? Or does he have something to do with Anri?

“Tsukasa Tendo! Can you hear me? I’ll stick the result sheets on the blackboard!”

“Yes, yes! I can hear you!”

I hear giggles and laughter coming from the classroom.

It seems I have done something wrong.

The teacher standing at the podium was a little upset for some reason.

” Come and get it, quickly. You’re in third place overall.”

What did you say…? Third place overall? Me?

I had studied reasonably well, but was I that good?

I walked toward the podium, feeling nervous inside.

“It seems like you studied a lot this time. Good luck next time.”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

I return to my seat, looking at the result sheet in my hand.

Third place overall. Me? I’m third in my class, but Anri is first in her grade.

Maybe I’m at the top of the grade, too?

“Huu, Tendo is amazing. He’s in third place after Nadeshiko and Endo.”

I am the most surprised. The result sheets showed that my average score had risen considerably.

As for mathematics, which I put the most effort into, I was ranked first in my class.

What? First in the class? That means I beat Anri!

I won! I beat Anri in even one subject! Haha, I did it, I did it!

“I did it!”

Oh, I heard a voice.

“Hey, Tendo… I know you’re happy, but can you be a little quiet? Or do you want to get out of the classroom?”

“I’m sorry…”

The teacher is scary. He is getting angry again.

I’m sorry, I’ll be quiet for a while.

Each of us was handed a result sheet, and each of us looked at our own sheet.

Sugimoto and Takayama were no exception. Anri was also staring at her result sheet.

I’m checking my results too.

I was first in my class in math, but third or fifth in other subjects. Compared to before, the average score has risen wonderfully.

I’m sure the study sessions and studying with Anri at home must have contributed to the results.

I can’t wait until after school.

I have to report the results to Takayama and to the boss. [TLN: Raws said both Takayama and Boss, I always thought Boss = Takayama all this time since he made the movie plan]

But I can’t stay in a cheerful mood. The paper Endo gave me.

The words “I won’t give her to you” were written on it.

What on earth does that mean?


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