V2 Chapter 2 | The Road Ahead That We Will Build Together

“Well, don’t get sick or injured, okay? I’ll come by once in a while to check on you!”

Mom, who was getting ready to leave, took something out of the cardboard box she had just left and put it in her bag.

What was it? Well, it’s not a big deal if you don’t tell me.

“Oh, and be careful, Mom. Give my regards to your father.”

“Thank you for everything, mother-in-law. Please teach me how to cook again.”

Anri and Mom are hugging each other for some reason.

It’s not such a sad goodbye, is it? If you want to see her, you can see her anytime you want.

“Oh, I forgot. Anri, if you get attacked, take this…”

Mom handed something to Anri.

What? The compact-sized can is labeled “Extremely Spicy Pear Spray”.

“Tsukasa-kun would never attack me!”

Himekawa tries to shove it back to Mom.

But she doesn’t accept it.

“What? I don’t mean Tsukasa. I mean if you were attacked on your way home or when you were alone, okay? Could it be that Tsukasa attacked you?”

“I didn’t! Go home! Dad’s waiting for you at home, right?

“Yes, yes. Ryuichi-san is waiting for me at home. I’m going home. Bye.”

Mom leaves like a storm.

The front door is quiet at once, and Anri and I are standing alone in the hall.

“I’m fine. I won’t use this on Tsukasa-kun.”

“Oh, please don’t ever use it.”

We both look at the spray Mom gave us and return to the quiet living room.

Oh, it’s just me and Anri. Mom is gone too. I’m alone with Anri.

I sit on the left side of the sofa for now.

What should I do? Should I say, “Sit next to me”?

Or should I just lean my shoulder against hers? My heart rate is getting higher and higher.

While I’m thinking about this, Anri naturally sits down next to me.

Oh, she’s thinking the same thing I’m thinking. Yo, okay, we are lovers.

In a way, anything is possible!

“Tsu, Tsukasa-kun…”

“What is it? Anri.”

Ah! Her language is a little strange!

Calm down, this is our wedding night. No, it’s not. Our first night alone together.

Ah, sure, it fits, but it’s just not right!

While I’m moping by myself, Anri looks at me.

Her eyes are serious. What is she going to say?

“‘We still have time tonight, right? It’s okay if we go to bed a little later, right?”


Here I am at last. I’m not an insensitive man anymore.

I’m a man who does things when he has to. Shoo! 

Tsukasa, here I come!

Dad, Mom, I’m heading off…

Yuzo-san, I’ll explain later!

“Oh, it’s all right. I don’t care how late I stay tonight. I can stay until morning.

“I’m glad to hear that. Well, I’ll see you in a minute.”

I hear her get off the couch and walk up the stairs.

What is it? Is he bringing something? Or a change of clothes?

My heart rate is higher than it’s ever been.

Calm down. Look, I have to take the lead here.

I have to show my manly side…

Write the word “man” three times and swallow!

Okay, I’m ready! Come on over anytime!

“Here you go…”

Her voice is quieter than usual. Is she nervous?

When I looked at Anri, I saw a writing utensil in her hand. And a notebook and a reference book.

“So, what’s that?”

‘Additional study material. I’ll come along with you, okay? Let’s go to the movies together!

Himekawa talks to me with a smile.

I was the one who was getting excited. Men can’t help it, you know…

“Yeah, I want to go to the movies with you.”

Thus, the lights would remain on in the living room until late again tonight, and the two of us would hold study sessions.

The time I spend with Anri is more important than anything else.

I hope we can go to the movies…

“Good morning. Tsukasa-kun, it’s already morning, you know?”

Instead of an alarm, Anri comes to wake me up.

Yesterday, both of us had to sleep in our own room.

As expected, it’s still too early to sleep together, or something.

I am not sure which of us talked first, but we naturally decided to sleep separately.

Lack of sleep is the enemy of your skin. If we slept together, we would be sleep deprived every day!

Instead, Anri would wake me up every day and we would both get ready in the morning.

Well, even though we’re dating, it’s the same morning as usual, and we spend the same time as usual.

Eh? Isn’t it strange that we’re dating but it’s the same as usual?

Or is that how it is?

While having breakfast together, I begin to think about the matter.

“Tsukasa-kun, what are you thinking about?”

Hmmm, how should I talk about it?

“No, we’re, you know, going out, right?”

Anri nods silently. It seems that what happened yesterday was not a dream.

It was real. As proof, Anri’s face has been red since this morning.

“Yes, that’s right. Me and Tsukasa-kun, we became lovers…”

The two of us are now in a relationship.

“I know, right…oh, do you want to go to school together this morning?”

“I’d like to go with you if I can. Yes, let’s go together until we get off the train.”

Yes, there will be more students from the station where the school is located, but it won’t be a problem for us to be together until we get off the train.

I mean, should I explain this to the guys at school?

No, I don’t think you have to. There’s no need or obligation to do so…

I’ll keep it a secret so that we can go on with our school life without any problems.

“Right, I’ll go with you.”


Anri is cute as she answers with a smile.

The way the jam is on her cheeks and the way she acts.

I reach out and take the jam on Anri’s cheek with my finger and put it in my mouth.

If it had been me up until now, I would have let the jam pass.

I’ve improved. I’m not upset by this.

No, it’s not a level up, I have a new girlfriend.

A job change is more appropriate. I became Anri’s knight.

“Tsukasa-kun, you are quite daring, aren’t you?”

“Really? It’s normal. It’s normal.”

Anri’s cheeks are a little red. I’m a little more mature than her.

After the meal is over, we head to the front door to go to school together.

Uniforms are ready, bags are ready, and nothing is left behind.

“All right, let’s go.”

“Let’s go.”

We both go outside and lock the front door.

And when I turn around, Anri’s lips touch my cheek.

“Payback for what you just said!”

Anri jumped out onto the street and ran toward the station.

“Hey! Anri! Wait!”

I run after her, too.

Our day is about to begin.

It’s a different start for the two of us.

Us of yesterday is gone.

Today is the start of a new us.

From now on, Anri and I will make a path together and move forward.


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