V2 Chapter 20 | The Mean Goddess

“Now that everyone has had a chance to see the results. Then we will start talking about group assignments.”

The results of the test were good, and I didn’t even have time to talk to Takayama before we switched seats.

Who are they going to pair you up with? If possible, I would like to be paired with the usual members, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

“The first group. Himekawa, Tendo, Sugimoto, Takayama.”

“Team 2. Endo, Yamamoto, Kagawa, Miyauchi.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a miracle.

I never thought that I would be paired with these members. What a miracle!

The goddess of fate had smiled on me!

“Sensei! I have a question!”

It was Endo who interrupted the teacher’s group presentation.

He was standing behind me, raising his hand high in the air.

“What’s the matter, Endo? Any questions?”

Endo got up from his seat and started talking in a rather loud voice to his homeroom teacher.

“I got second place overall this time. If so, shouldn’t I be in the same group as Himekawa-san, who came in first?”

Everyone understood what he meant.

The first-place and second-place pair. If the teacher had said so, everyone would have agreed.

But that was not the case this time.

“Hmm? Then can Endo teach Himekawa something?”

“What do you mean?”

“Himekawa, Endo, do you mind if I talk about your class performance in front of everyone?”

“I don’t mind.”

“I don’t have a problem with it either.”

Something was going on.

All the classmates are watching Anri and Endo and holding their breath.

Only those with the highest grades are allowed to speak here. In other words, I’m the only one.

But I don’t really have anything to talk about or anything.

I’m already satisfied with the group assignment that the teacher gave me.

“Himekawa got perfect marks in two subjects and was ranked first in each class. In the other three subjects, she is in second place in all of them.”

The class was in an uproar. That’s right.

Even a perfect score in two subjects is amazing, but in all the other subjects, she was in second place.

How high is the average score?

“Now then, Endo, what subjects are you in first place in your class?”

All eyes were on Endo.

“Uh, no…”

“That’s what I’m trying to say. If Endo and Himekawa are paired up, Endo will be pulling Himekawa’s leg. Himekawa would only be teaching, right?”

“Then, the member who is in the same group as Himekawa-san is…”

“Yes, just as Endo predicted. The member who is first in class in each subject that Himekawa has not been ranked first in her subject.”

Oh, I didn’t expect that, but that’s what’s happening!

Hmm? That means both Sugimoto and Takayama have a subject in which they somehow won first place in the class!

“It would be unfair to just teach, wouldn’t it? We have to have a member who can teach Himekawa too. Now, do you understand why?”

“…… yes.”

Endo answers in a whisper and takes his seat.

But his eyes are glaring at me.

I’m not going to fight you, okay?

“Ah, then I’ll tell you the rest of the story. Group 3…”

The teacher’s presentation of the groups is over, and everyone moves to their seats.

After moving to their seats, it’s time for the group members to mingle with each other until the bell rings.

Next to me is Anri. Takayama is behind me. Sugimoto is behind Anri and next to Takayama.

The usual group members are all together. I felt at home, probably because I have been working with this group for a long time now.

“Yo. Himekawa-san, number one in the class. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m so happy to be in the same group as Anri! I’m soooo happy!”

Both of them were happy. I’m happy too.

After all, Anri is next to me. I’m happy to be in the same group as everyone.

“I’m also happy to be in the same group with everyone.”

I tell everyone with a straight face. That’s what I really want to say.

“It’s rare to hear you talk like that. Did you have a change of heart?”

Yes, there was. 

I met Anri, talked with Takayama, and got help from Sugimoto.

I might have changed. No, I think I’ve changed.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped thinking that it was okay to be alone.

“Let’s work hard together for a year!”

Anri starts talking to everyone with a smile.

Maybe it’s all thanks to the goddess in front of me that I got this result.

“Himekawa-san. Did you expect this to happen by any chance?

I ask, curious.

When I studied at home, she summarized the main points and gave me detailed explanations.

During the study sessions, Anri watched Sugimoto and Takayama’s study.

I think they put in more effort, especially on subjects in which each of them was good.

“Well, what do you think? I think it’s the result of everyone’s efforts, isn’t it?”

The smiling goddess is mean.

I am sure she must have anticipated this and taught each of them intensively in each subject.

That’s right! It was our teamwork that got us there!”

“But, I’m pretty miserable in all the subjects except for the one in which I came in first. ……”

“We’ll make time for another study group. That’s what this new group is for.”

I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time together again.

The time to talk about me and Anri is near. I wonder if they will accept it.

And don’t forget that a guy is staring at me right nearby…


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