V2 Chapter 22 | For Our First Date

V2 Chapter 22 (96) | For Our First Date

“Tsukasa-kun. Wake up, it’s morning!”

I was still sleepy. While I was rustling around in the futon, Anri pulled off the covers.

I opened my heavy, sleepy eyelids, and the curtains were fully opened, allowing the dazzling light to enter the room.

Then, the goddess peels off my futon, bathed in sunlight.

With a big smile on her face, she even starts shifting my pillow. I appreciate her waking me up, but I wish she would be more gentle.

“Mouu, it’s morning already …….”

Anri is wearing a white apron and her hair in a ponytail.

From behind the open door, the good smell of miso soup wafts in today.

“You have to get up early. Today is the day to go to the movies, right?”

Yes, today is the day we are all going to the movies.

Since we are meeting up in the afternoon, I will go out in the morning, have lunch with Anri, and then go to the meeting place.

If anyone finds us, we have an excuse today.

Yesterday, however, I stayed with Anri until late at night to pick out clothes.

If I thought this one was good enough, the next was this one. I was then accompanied by bags, shoes, and even accessories.

No, it was nice to have Anri’s one-woman fashion show all to myself.

The clothes I saw were indeed cute, and some of them were quite goofy.

But, you know, it’s a long story. It’s decided! but somehow the next outfit comes up.

I wondered if girls were like this, but I ended up staying with her until late at night.

“Anri, please wake me up a little more gently…

Suddenly having the futon pulled off is heartbreaking.

I wish she would wake me up a little more slowly.

“Gently, is it? ……”

Anri sat next to me on the bed and put her white hand on my cheek.

“Tsukasa-kun, it’s morning.”

Then, Anri’s soft lips touch my cheek.

“You make me do embarrassing things in the morning. ……”

After saying that, Anri gingerly left the room.

I told her to be gentle, but I didn’t say I wanted her to go that far.

But if she does that, I’m going to be fine in the morning too!

Okay, let’s get up!

I go to the bathroom in my jersey and wash my face.

Then I went to the kitchen and looked at the breakfast that was ready.

This morning there was rice, miso soup, salmon, and nori. And a fried egg.

“Anri, aren’t you getting pretty good at cooking?”

With her apron on, Anri is preparing oshinko.

“Tsukasa-kun’s mom is a great cook, and she’s really good at teaching.”

The fried eggs I’ve seen before, that was the first fried egg I’d ever seen.

But what about today’s fried egg? Normal.

It is round. The yolk is round around the center of the rounded white.

I completely left the breakfast preparation to her.

It’s my fault for oversleeping.

“I’m sorry I left it all to you.”

“No, it’s not like that. I made it for Tsukasa-kun and wanted to eat it with him.”

Anri removes her apron and sits in front of me.

Anri, in a good mood since this morning, keeps smiling the whole time.

“Looks delicious.”

“I did my best. Let’s eat up and get going.”

Breakfast proceeds in a friendly mood.

The test is over. We are going to see a movie today.

Then, everyone is going to have dinner together at…

There will be peace and quiet up there.

According to a message I received from Takayama last night, the attire should be casual-formal.

He said that the tickets were being awarded to people a little older than us and that we should not wear strange clothes.

And Sugimoto, who had been wondering about it, seemed to have talked to her parents about it, and they gave her permission on the condition that Anri goes with her. Surely Sugimoto’s parents were against her going out at night alone with a man?

“Is there anywhere you want to go today, Tsukasa-kun?”

Until the meeting time, I had free time.

I had no problem going anywhere or doing anything.

“I don’t really have anything in particular in mind. Is there anywhere you want to go, Anri?”

Anri is thinking about it a little.

Shopping would be nice, but we would bring luggage.

“Game center ……”

“Game center? Does Anri want to go to the game center?”

Anri nodded silently.

Looking at her expression, she seems a little embarrassed.

“I’ve passed in front of it many times, but I’ve never been inside yet. Is that a no?”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t think I can stay in there for very long.”

“Thank you. I’m excited to go to the arcade with Tsukasa-kun.”

It was the first date with Anri.

A proper date destination is the game center.

I’m used to the arcade, but what am I supposed to do when we both go there?

I’m basically a solo player, remember? Should we just play a two-player game?

At the entranceway, Anri and I are standing facing each other.

For some reason, Anri is checking my clothes.

What’s more, my hair is being done something by Anri, and above all, all the clothes I chose have been rejected.

It’s very frustrating, but I can’t help it. To begin with, I am equal to having no taste in clothes.

Just a few minutes ago, Anri was in my room going through my wardrobe.

I didn’t expect her to turn my clothes over so much.

She ended up asking me, “What were you doing last night? You should have at least picked out your clothes properly!” She was furious.

No, I was accompanied by Anri to watch the Nadeshiko fashion show, right?

I don’t understand the female mind.

Such precious time in the morning was consumed and my clothes and grooming were decided.

I apologize for the trouble. Anri, I’m very sorry.

” Tsukasa-kun. We don’t have time to go today, but let’s go shopping for clothes together next time.”

She speaks to me in a rather strong voice.

I haven’t bought any clothes lately, and I wouldn’t mind a little more.

“That’s right, let’s go together.”

We started walking to the station, talking like that at the entrance.

Our first date. We were walking arm in arm for the first time.

I was nervous. I couldn’t help but look at Anri with a sideways glance.

Unlike usual, Anri is wearing plain clothes today. It suits her very well.

Even if she were walking next to me, her beauty would catch someone’s eye.

I wonder how she sees me next to her.

Do I look like a man worthy of Anri?

If not, I must be diligent.

“Tsukasa-kun, where are you looking?’

I was looking at Anri with a sideways glance, but our eyes met.

“I was looking at Anri’s smile. I will keep looking at Anri’s smile from now on.”

With red cheeks, Anri looks straight into my eyes and answers me.

“Thank you. I will walk next to Tsukasa-kun so that he can smile too.”

We are having a happy time right now.

Whether this time will last forever or fade away is entirely up to us.

It all depends on us. We must capture happiness with our own hands.


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