V2 Chapter 27 | Synopsis of a Manga

A few minutes passed as he ducked into a large game console.

Apparently, we made it through.

“Well, maybe we’re safe now?”

I peeked out through the curtains and looked around.

The guys from earlier were probably gone.

“Ah, um, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Sugimoto looked at me and pleaded.

“A little bit should be fine, I think.”

I closed the curtain and sat down next to Sugimoto again.

Sugimoto looked very serious as he spoke to me with a serious look in her eyes.

“Oh, you see… I really wanted to ask Tendo-san something.”

“What is it? What do you want to ask me?”

“I once told you that I’m drawing a comic book, right?”

I think we talked about that in the study hall.

“Actually, I just can’t decide on the ending.”

I don’t think so, but you didn’t write it during this test period without studying, did you?

“I see you’re about to finish it. So what do you want to ask me?”

“Thank you. Well, I’ll give you a brief synopsis.”

With a serious look in her eyes, Sugimoto began to tell me the outline of the manga she was writing.

The main character is an elementary school girl. She has a good friend, a boy, whom she secretly loves.

However, due to family reasons, she has to move away and they end up breaking up.

They promised each other that if they ever met again, they would become friends again.

Time passes and they become high school students. The girl started a new high school life without forgetting her memories.

In her new school, in her new class, there was, by some coincidence, the boy she remembered.

However, the boy had forgotten about the girl and was in love with someone else.

While her own feelings waver in the same school, the girl also falls in love with another boy.

The main girl has old feelings and new ones. She struggles in her own heart to choose between them.

“Roughly, here’s what I’m thinking, how do you think it should end up?”

I feel like it’s a classic situation where the girl is the main character and she ends up with the boy she had feelings for in the past.

However, if the boy likes someone else, then we need to know how he feels about the girl.

And if the protagonist also likes someone else, it means that the protagonist is aware of her current feelings.

In the end, who does the protagonist want to be with? That’s the point, don’t you think?

But just because they confess their feelings doesn’t mean they will succeed.

Well, it’s a manga story and of course, there will be a happy ending, so don’t worry about it.

Conclusion. Male-female relationships are complicated!

“It’s hard. I’m not a woman, so I don’t understand women’s feelings. If I were the protagonist, I would put the past behind me and move on to my new path.”

“Do you pretend the boy you remember doesn’t exist?”

“I’m not going to pretend it’s not there. It’s a memory, right? But if it’s fluffing around inside you, you have to settle for the past. Are you just going to keep fluffing it up?”

“Settling the past. That’s a boyish development. Thanks, I have my answer.”

Sugimoto’s eyes, bright and clear, looked straight at me.

Yes, the eyes of someone who has made up their mind to do something. I’d love to see the manga Sugimoto is working on when it’s finished.

I’m sure it will be a good one. I mean, how good is Sugimoto’s drawing ability?

“Did you get the reference? You should ask Himekawa-san or Takayama-san about this kind of thing, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. No, I somehow thought it would be best to ask Tendo-san.”

What did she mean by that?

Does Anri look like she has no interest in romance? Is it because Takayama looks like a flirt?

However, they are men and women of the same age. Their sense of love must be similar.

“Ask those two next time.”

“I’ll do that. I will. After the movie, we’ll go out for dinner, right? I’ll ask them then, too…”

I feel Sugimoto’s hand on my lap shaking a little.

What’s wrong? Did they get cold?

“Well, it’s time to go to the meeting place.”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost time to meet.

I was completely engrossed in talking with Sugimoto.

“Yes, I guess so. Maybe they are already there.”

I opened the curtains and looked around to make sure everything was safe.

Right, left, right. Okay, let’s go.

I went out first, turned around, and extended my hand to Sugimoto.

Sugimoto took my hand and sat up.

“Thank you.”

“No, you’re welcome.”

I was so flustered that I did not notice that Sugimoto’s hand was as slender and thin as Anri’s. 

I thought that all girls’ hands must be like this, and I immediately removed my hand from hers.

We both left the arcade and headed to the meeting place again.

The water clock comes into view in the distance. Many people are standing around it as it is often used as a meeting place.

Let’s see, is Anri and Takayama there?

Ah, there was Anri. I made a mistake, Anri got to the meeting place first.

Oh, my plan is…

However, a gruff-looking guy in a black suit is talking to Anri right in front of her.

Why is this happening today? Don’t tell me that even Anri is being picked on.

No, maybe she is being introduced to a job or something.

“Sugimoto-san and Himekawa-san are getting into trouble. I’ll go ahead.”

“What? Anri? Oh, wait a minute. Tendo-san, that’s—”

I left Sugimoto on the spot and started running lightly toward men in black clothes.

If it was just one person, I might be able to handle it.

If push came to shove, I would make a loud noise. I’m not the fighting type.

Anri noticed me standing behind the men dressed in black.

Wait for me, Anri, I’m going to break out of this situation.

I’ll show you that I can protect a woman!

I stood behind the black guy and slowly put my hand on his shoulder so as not to make a sound.

If you turn around, that will be the end of you! I call out to him, holding my racing heart.

“Hey, what are you doing to my friend?”

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