V2 Chapter 29 | Outcome of the Game

――Kakon kakon baīn [TLN: Probably the hockey puck sound effect]

The score difference is already more than double.

Could it be that we are going to lose?

The pair of Anri and Sugimoto were following each other well and taking advantage of the reflection of the wall to catch us off guard.

On the other hand, Takayama and I are aiming for the goal in a straight line, and our puck is being bounced off the wall just before the goal by one of the two of us.

The two of us are bent over, leaning forward, and very good with our hands.

“Takayama, if you keep going like this, we’re going to lose, okay?”

I whispered to him.

“No, Tendo. Think carefully, and watch those eyes.”

He looks carefully at the score and the two girls’ movements.

After thinking it over, it looked like he was going to lose.

“I’ve thought it over, but we’re still down, aren’t we?”

“Well, Tendo. Be a grown-up. It’s not about the score, is it?”

I don’t get it. Because it’s almost game time.

If we don’t do something, we’re gonna lose, okay? Do you want me to lose on purpose?

“Are you going to let them have the flowers?”

“No. Look at the way they move. Look closely.”

Watch them. Every time the puck moves, the two of them move with it.

Yeah, it’s normally defended. So what do I do now?

“Look at what?”

“Look, at this point, we’ve already won. You have to feel the movement of the two of them. And look with your eyes, at their bosoms.”

…Yeah, I’m sorry. My bad.

Takayama doesn’t waver. What are you seriously looking at, is that what you mean?

The two of them are bent over, and they are certainly swaying around.

Sugimoto’s in particular was swaying. Takayama noticed that and wondered if he usually thinks about such things.

“You never waver.”

“I never waver. I’m always honest and straightforward with myself!”

Takayama played the puck with all his might.

The two girls’ movements also intensified.

Two girls with serious eyes. And Takayama.

Could it be that I’m the only one who’s cold? I should be as hot as Takayama.

Impossible. Sorry, Takayama. I can’t show that much emotion.

The puck is hit by the two girls, and with the momentum of the puck, it goes through the gap between me and Takayama, and they score a goal.

Takayama is smiling at the two happy girls.

In a way, I respect you. You might be a great guy after all.

“We won! We beat the two boys!”

Sugimoto was happy and Anri was also happy as they were holding each other’s hands.

Takayama also looked satisfied. Yes, are you satisfied?

“No, we lost! Okay, I’ll buy you ice cream as a prize for winning.”

We move to a vending machine in the game center and eat ice cream together.

I get one for myself and Anri, and Takayama gets one for Sugimoto.

“You two were pretty strong! Right, Tendo?”

“Oh, yeah. You were strong.”

“I’ve never played air hockey before, but it’s fun. Let’s do it again next time.”

It seems that Anri also enjoyed it. That’s good to hear.

Takayama is seriously watching the two girls eating ice cream.

“What shall we do when we finish eating ice cream? Play games? Or wander around the city?”

Well, we’ve had our fair share of fun, so what shall we do?

“I’m fine either way, but what about you two?”

“Maybe I’d like to see your clothes with Anri. It’s hard for us to come together, and I’d like to see your guys’ reactions.

Sugimoto was very proactive in her opinions.

I wonder if she is such a talkative girl. Or is this just the way she is?

“I’m fine with that. It would be nice to see Ayane and her clothes, but would it be okay if Tendo-san and Takayama-san tag along with us?”

“Of course! I’ll go with you two today!”

Takayama is a very energetic person.

Takayama probably finds it fun to accompany the two of them shopping.

But Anri spends more time going back and forth and worrying.

We finish our ice cream and leave the arcade.

After walking along the arcade for a while on the main street, she was suddenly approached by a voice.

“Hey, you! I finally found you!”

Seriously? I didn’t expect to find it here.

Coincidence is terrible …….

I was in the lead, with Takayama, Anri, and Sugimoto behind me.

And unluckily, all of them were found to be my companions.

“Oh, there’s one more woman! Super lucky, there are two guys here too! We’re perfect for each other!”

“What? You guys?”

Takayama stepped forward and stood next to me.

Sugimoto was hiding behind Anri, and Anri was standing there as if protecting Sugimoto, glaring at the two guys.

“Oh, there are more men here. What’s that? Hmm? You want to play around?”

He’s a little older than us by the looks of it, and bigger, too.

Even two against two would be difficult. But I don’t think we can all escape this situation.

What should we do? Run to the police station? But where is the police box?

“Can I buy that fight? I’ve been doing karate since I was a kid, so I’m not going to go easy on you or anything, okay?”

Seriously! Takayama was learning karate?

Takayama took out a handkerchief from his pocket and began to wrap it around his fist.

Then he took off the jacket he was wearing and handed it directly to Anri.

“Sorry, can you hold this for me?”

Takayama takes off his jacket and gets ready for the fight.

Hey, come on, you don’t really want to start a brawl in the city, do you?

Takayama and the two men are facing each other and shooting murderous looks at each other.

And then there’s me, who was left out of the mosquito net.

Oh, maybe I’m out of the fight?


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