V2 Chapter 3 | Lunch Invitation

“Oh, hey, Tendo!”

Takayama is looking good again this morning. Takayama, who arrives at school earlier than me, still has notebooks and reference books on his desk.

Is he seriously studying?

“Good morning. Are you studying today too?

“Yeah, I’m fine. My sister gave me those movie tickets, so I have to study hard to make up for it.”

What? That movie ticket was not from Takayama but from Takayama’s sister?

“Did she give it to you? I mean, does Takayama have a sister?”

“Huh? Didn’t I ever tell you that? The truth is, my sister won the ticket, but she happened to be out of the prefecture on a business trip that day. She gave me the ticket in tears. Well, I was lucky!”

I put today’s textbooks and notebooks on my desk.

My bag is almost empty.

“I’ll have to give her something next time.”

“No, no, no, I got the tickets for free anyway. I got the tickets for free, and we’re going to study hard for them, so it’s a win-win situation, right?”

“Is that so?”

It is indeed a little bit strange to receive four very popular tickets and not thank them for their support.

Well, I’ll think of some way to thank them.

Suddenly, I see a girl’s uniform in my field of vision.

It’s rare that a girl comes between me and Takayama. What does she want?

My eyes shifted from Takayama to the girl next to me. Ah, Sugimoto.

She’s wearing her school uniform today, as usual, her hair in braids, and her long bangs hiding her glasses and eyes.

I can’t speak for others either, but she looks dark-rooted. She looks like she might be writing manga at home.

“Oh, good morning…”

Her voice is low. Is this normal or is it because it’s morning?

But when I think back on my mom’s story, no memories come to mind.

They have the same name but have nothing to do with me, do they?

“Good morning! You’re looking good today!”

Takayama greets cheerfully. After hearing this voice, how could you tell that Sugimoto looks fine?

Is Sugimoto really doing well? Huh, I wish I had this level of communicative ability, but I don’t want to be like Takayama. It’s not easy…

“Good morning. It’s rare to see you here in the morning, Sugimoto-san.”

She clasped her hands in front of her chest and fidgeted for some reason.

“Oh, you see, Would you like to have lunch with me again today?”

She was inviting me to lunch. Well, I don’t really mind either way.

It’s just bread and milk from the store.

“Hi, Himekawa-san, do you mean you want to join us?”

Takayama mentions Anri while somewhat going through Sugimoto-san in front of him.

No, you can’t ask that here, can you?

I mean, what does Takayama think about Anri? If it was to Takayama, would it be okay to talk about me and Anri?

Hmm, what should I do? ……

Which would you take, friendship or affection? I’ve heard that before, but I never thought it would happen to me.

I don’t dislike Takayama. But I don’t like it when people ask me if I like him.

Not as a member of the opposite sex, but as a friend. He is one of my few friends.

That friend may possibly have a crush on Anri.

I don’t know how serious he is, but I don’t know…

“Yes, that’s right. Anri is with me… wha… what do you think?”

“Of course! What, Tendo is going to have bread and milk anyway, right?”

No way. Well, if you spend the same way every day at lunch, you can’t help but be remembered.

Bread and milk. Not that there are no other options, but this is the quickest way.

“So, that’s it. Do you plan to buy anything at the store today?”

See, I knew it. Sugimoto, just like Takayama, also made the same assumption.

I’m not really disappointed since it’s the right answer, but I’m not sure why…

“I’m going to buy something at the store as usual.”

Sugimoto’s hand stopped shaking.

She had been fidgeting just a moment ago.

“Oh, I made lunch for you, if you want, would you take it? I brought dessert for Takayama-kun.”

Bento. I’m more of rice than bread kind of guy, so the word “bento” really caught my attention.

Even if you consider the unit price, bento is more expensive. Shall I have milk with my bento?

But didn’t she go to the trouble of making a bento for me?

“Are you sure? Isn’t that a lot of work to make?”

“Well, I’m making one for my brother and one for my sister, so it won’t be too much trouble.”

“You’re busy in the mornings.”

“Sugimoto-san brought dessert! I’m so happy because I didn’t have enough in my own lunch box!”

Takayama is in high spirits since the morning.

I think he’s going to break his limiter soon.

And that huge two-tier bento wasn’t enough? You eat a lot…

“So, I guess we’ll do the same thing today as we did the other day.”

“Oh,  I’m going to get a seat, and Tendo’s going straight there, too, right?”

“No, I’m going to get a drink first.”

“Okay. You go ahead.”

“I’m going with Anri. See you later…”

But when was the last time I made a lunch box?

At first, I was making my lunch box, but the number of times I did so gradually decreased, and eventually, it became bread.

I thought, “If I eat well in the morning and at night, why can’t I just have one proper meal?” That’s what I thought.

“Tendo, I think I’m on it.”

“On what?”

“The popularity contest. I have plans to go to the movies with that Nadeshiko. She’s making me a separate dessert. This is coming in waves, right?”

“Yeah, there’s a big wave coming.”

And good luck not getting swallowed by that wave.

Should I tell Takayama the truth or not… Sorry, give me some time.


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