V2 Chapter 35 | Miraculous Encounter

Outside, the sun is setting and the streetlights and illuminations are shining.

We walk through the streets, following Takayama’s lead.

Not fast food, ramen, beef bowl, right?

Maybe he compromised and made a reservation at a family restaurant.

Where in the world is Takayama headed?

The destination is gradually approaching the station, and we passed the restaurant area long ago.

On their way, Anri and Sugimoto seemed to have bought some clothes they had left behind earlier.

They were peering into each other’s paper bags, showing each other the clothes they had bought, and talking about something.

I follow Takayama and wonder where they are headed.

Finally, Takayama’s footsteps came to a stop.

We arrived at a hotel in a prime location in front of the station.

The hotel staff was standing at the entrance, giving the impression that it was very difficult to enter the hotel.

“Hey, Takayama? This is the Sky Tower Hotel, right?”

“That’s right. Do you know there is a restaurant on the top floor here?”

The Sky Tower Hotel is 30 stories above the ground.

Everyone who lives here knows that there is a restaurant on the top floor.

It’s the number one hotel I’d like to stay in at least once.

“Wait a minute, let’s calm down first. Takayama, are we eating here?”

I asked Takayama, completely freaked out.

“Takayama, I don’t think this is the place for us, don’t you think?”

“I think Ayane is right. I don’t think this is the place for us. ……”

Takayama turned around and with a gesture of surprise, he pulled out a ticket from his pocket toward us.

“What is this? Don’t answer that, Tendo.”

Dejavu. I don’t think so, but is that it?

Don’t tell me, Takayama is going to use that one here too?

The two girls looked at the ticket curiously.

They seemed to be convinced when they saw the words written on it.

“Sky Tower Restaurant Dining Coupon”

Takayama, you’re too good!

Why do you keep getting so many movie tickets too?

“Well, don’t worry. I’ve already made reservations, so there’s no backing out now.”

Takayama takes the lead and rushes in.

We, too, fearlessly walk toward the hotel entrance.

When Takayama was about to open the door, a hotel staff member quickly opened it for us.

“We’ve been waiting for you. Please come this way.”

A hotel staff member led us to the front desk on the first floor.

Although we were just ushered in, somehow we felt like we were in a very high position.

At the hotel reception, Takayama showed the ticket in his hand to the front desk clerk.

The front desk clerk immediately produced a piece of paper and began to explain it to us.

“Thank you for visiting us today. Please wait a moment until your reserve time. Today’s meal will be a course meal. Please choose your main course from meat or fish.”

Takayama and I chose meat, while Anri and Sugimoto chose fish.

It’s an amazing experience to have a course meal in a place like this.

“I understand. We will prepare it for you here. And, would you like to decide on your beverage? Or would you like to leave it to the chef?”

“We are underage, so no alcohol. I’ll ask him to match it to the food.”

“I understand. Our staff will be happy to show you around. Please take your time…”

After talking with the staff at the front desk, we followed the hotel staff.

But, Takayama is amazing. How did he manage to get this far this time?

We got into the elevator we were led to, which had a glass wall so we could look out.

The elevator, which is going up at a reasonable speed, offers a view of the city, and we are looking out.

The twin towers are in the distance. The apartment building where Yuzo, Anri’s father, lives.

And the apartment where Anri lived until just the other day.

“Oh, wow. People are getting smaller and smaller. People look like..”

No, let’s not go into that.

People say that line when people look smaller, don’t they?

“Hey, Anri. Look at that.”

I could see illuminations in the direction Sugimoto was pointing.

Some people say it is out of season in the summertime, but there is a big park at the far end of the arcade.

That park is decorated with illuminations all year round and is a favorite place for lovers to relax, especially at night.


The light reflected in Anri’s eyes and they appeared to shine.

I almost touched Anri’s cheek unintentionally. Watch out, watch out…

“This is what the city looks like from on high.”

Entering the arcade from the front of the station, the park can be seen all the way to the back.

In front of the station is a roundabout, where buses, cabs, and regular cars pick up and drop off passengers come and go.

And many people come and go between the station and the arcade, disappearing toward the buses, the underground shopping center, the fashion building, and the drinking district.

How many people are there in this city? Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands? 

Out of such a huge number of people, Anri and I met, and here we are.

This is nothing short of a miracle.

If there really is a God, I would surely be thankful to Him.

Me and Goddess. No, I would thank… for letting me and Anri meet…


“This is the top floor, sir.”

The elevator doors open and we are only one step up the stairs to adulthood.

This upscale restaurant is definitely out of place…

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