V2 Chapter 36 | For Us From Now On

We were taken to a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

As soon as we get off the elevator, we see the restaurant counter.

This entire floor is the restaurant, and it is large enough to accommodate a simple party.

“We have been waiting for you, Takayama-san, isn’t it? Let me show you to your seat.”

I followed the butler-like man at the counter and entered a room.

The room we were led to has a glass window overlooking the city, and a round table is placed in the center of the room.

A white tablecloth was placed on the table, and chairs were placed so that four people could sit at the table.

“We will bring you your food later. Please enjoy your time.”

The butler lightly bailed and walked out of the room.

Hmmm! Finally, it’s time to settle down!”

Takayama, standing tall with all his might.

I wonder how many times I felt nervous before I came here.

“Here, give me your jacket.”

Takayama put the jacket he was wearing on a hanger on the wall and put it back on the wall.

I handed my jacket to Takayama and asked him to put it on a hanger.

“This view is amazing.”

Sugimoto was standing by the window, looking out.

Next to him, Anri also walked up to Sugimoto as if she was being sucked in.

“I can’t believe we are eating in a place like this. Takayama-san, may I ask you to explain?”

I felt a little thorn in Anri’s words.

“Oh, sure. But first, why don’t we sit down for now?”

Takayama put his hand on the chair Sugimoto was about to sit in and pulled it lightly.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Oh. I’m a gentleman!”

And he puts the chair back just in time for Sugimoto to sit down.

That’s a gentlemanly response, excellent.

I did the same thing as Takayama and pulled out the chair for Anri to sit in.

“Thank you.”

I got a big smile from Anri.

“I’m a gentleman, too.”

“Yes, you are a gentleman.”

We looked at each other and I laughed heartily.

Thus, the four of us took our seats.

“Well, then, first issue. Why we’re eating here! Opinion, rebuttal, debate contest! Yes!”

Takayama is the only one who is very excited.

The other three are in a bit of a freeze, with their hands on their knees.

“Everyone’s so gloomy! I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It’s all right! You’re worried about your wallets, right? I’ll take care of it!”

Boss, I’m glad I work for you.

You even bought me a meal at this restaurant!

“Takayama-san? That’s a bit of a stretch. So, why are we here this time?”

“Gohon. Let me explain briefly. Do you know what “shareholder special benefit” is?

Shareholder special benefit. I think it’s the one where you get all kinds of benefits for owning shares, right?

“Yes, I know. Is it possible that the ticket you just received was one of the shareholder special benefit tickets?”

“Oh, Sugimoto, you’re right! My father owns stock in this hotel, and he gives me a special benefit ticket once a year.”

Sister for the movie, Dad for the meal. You’re not getting anything from Mom after this, are you?

“Did you get it from your Dad?”

“That’s right if I get good grades on this exam, I was going to get it! Well, thank you, Himekawa-sama!”

“Takayama, is your family quite rich?”

Sugimoto spoke to Takayama.

Come to think of it, I know some of Anri’s home situation, but not much about the other two.

“I don’t know much about the rest of them. It’s a normal household. Well, let me explain again! About this meal…”

Takayama begins to explain about the restaurant’s discount tickets.

One ticket allows up to four people to dine together, and reservations are required.

However, in case of cancellation, you must contact the restaurant at least one day in advance.

And the basic course food and drinks are free.

Some alcoholic beverages are also free, but we are not eligible for them.

The drinks are left to the chef’s discretion this time, so you never know what you will be served.

Any food or drinks not included in the course will be charged separately.

So we were reminded not to order anything else.

“Look, the prices here are honestly amazing. Don’t even think about anything but the course.”

“Enough on the course. Are you sure? You’re even buying me a drink.”

“Of course! One ticket, two tickets, four tickets, the same. Tonight’s on me!

“Thank you, I’ve never eaten at a place like this before, so I’m glad.”

I expressed my gratitude honestly.

Thank you for having us all here for dinner.

“Hey, do you have a fever Tendo? I can’t believe Tendo is being so honest. ……”

“Ta, Takayama-kun! Tendo-san is honest to begin with.

“That’s right. Takayama-san just doesn’t know the real Tendo-san.”

Now it’s three against one.

I wonder what they thought of me?


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

A butler carrying food that came on a cart, drinks, and something else I don’t understand.

The butler then poured the red drink into a glass in front of us.

Several items of food were placed on the table.

Salad and bread. And a nice smell wafting from the soup.

“Well, then, please enjoy the food.”

The butler leaves the room.

What will they bring next?

I can’t wait for the meat to come!

“Here it comes! Now, everyone, glasses in hand!”

We each hold a glass in our right hand and raise it to eye level.

Let’s make a serious toast this time.

“With the end of the exam!”

Takayama’s voice echoes loudly.

“And watching a movie!”

My voice echoes loudly too.

“With a lovely meal!”

Sugimoto’s voice was louder than usual.

“For us from now on!”

Anri’s smile is spilling over.

At this moment, I think we are all united as one.


The high-pitched clink of glasses echoed as we began to eat.

Not every high school freshman gets to dine on the top floor of a hotel.

After this, I had to drop a bombshell announcement.

Until then, enjoy the present, even if it is only for a short time.

Only God knows what the outcome will be.

If there really is a God, then please smile at me.

For Anri’s sake, for my sake, for the future of the four of us…

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