V2 Chapter 37 | Surprise Events

I tilt the glass and take a sip.

It tastes lightly carbonated and sweet. And a pleasant aroma of grapes.

The food was served one after another, and we started talking about today’s movie.

“I didn’t think I’d ever cry that much. I’m sorry for bothering you all.”

No, Takayama. I think that the scene at the end was a big inconvenience for the rest of us.

“But the whole thing was well organized and ended well.”

Sugimoto also started talking while eating her salad.

“Yeah, I think it all came together. But I got the impression that everyone except the two main characters was a bit bland.”

Indeed. I felt that there were no key characters other than the two main characters.

“Well, it’s their story, so shouldn’t the story be centered on them?”

“Yes, but I still wanted them to have more involvement with other people, like best friends or siblings or something.”

Anri is holding a glass in one hand and twirling the juice inside.

Then she tilts the glass and takes a sip. Is it just me, or does the way she drinks seem strangely sexy?

It’s like the way an adult drinks.

“Maybe it would be a little different if they were more involved with their best friends, it would be a little different.”

Best friends… Are me and Takayama best friends? Are Anri and Sugimoto best friends?

If we were best friends, would we be best friends forever? 

“But, you know, those two were too distant from each other. They knew they liked each other, didn’t they? If they had told each other how they felt sooner, they wouldn’t have been crossing paths for years.”

“Isn’t it better to tell them as soon as possible? It’s not always about timing, or momentum, or whether it will destroy the relationship if you tell her how you feel.”

“You may be right, but there are a lot of things you can’t understand unless you communicate them in words, right?”

Sugimoto is right, there may be things that can be conveyed through the physical senses, but you won’t know what they really mean unless they are conveyed in words.

It could be my own misunderstanding.

“Ayane is probably right. If you don’t convey your feelings in words, they won’t be conveyed accurately to the other person. Words are important.”

Each of us shared our own thoughts about the content of the film and listened to the opinions of the other members.

Each person has a different standpoint, be it gender, age, student, or worker.

It takes courage to convey one’s thoughts as they are.

As the course meal comes to an end, it is time for dessert.

A plate with four kinds of small cakes on one plate appeared.

A large strawberry was placed in the center, and four mini cakes were placed on top like a clover.

They were beautiful to look at and stylishly decorated. It was too good to eat.

“With this dessert, today’s course comes to an end. Beverages can be added, so please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Coffee and tea were served together with dessert.

Takayama and I had coffee and Anri and Sugimoto had tea.

“This looks so pretty…”

“I really like it. It’s hard to decide what to eat first.”

“If it were bigger, it would be more satisfying.”

Takayama is still a glutton.

I think there was a reasonable amount of food this time, but from Takayama’s point of view, it may not have been enough.

“Don’t you have enough to eat, Takayama?”

“Hm? I think I’m about three portions. A course meal of this size is like a snack.”

What the hell? I’m about 80% full. How big is your stomach?

“You want some for me?”

“No, no, no, I’m fine. We’re going out for ramen afterward.”

Yeah, I’ll go through with it.

Anri and Sugimoto reached for the cake and started to eat.

I guess I’ll have one too.

Quickly, I put one of the mini cakes in my mouth with a fork.

Umm, yum! And soft, and what a taste!

“Oh, it’s soooo good!”

Sugimoto is smiling, and Anri is trying to be cool, but her cheeks are slightly upturned.

That’s the face of someone who is trying to hold back a delicious face. I’m happy for you, Anri, that you got to eat this delicious cake.

“It’s really good. I’m surprised, to be honest.”

“Right? I was surprised too when I first came here.”

As we ate the delicious cakes, our plates gradually emptied and everyone’s plate became empty.

We each finished eating and took a breath.

Only strawberries are still left on my plate.

“How was the day? I tried my best to set a course for the day.”

“Thank you, Takayama. The movie was good and the food was delicious. I’m very satisfied.”

“I am satisfied too. Thank you for everything. I’m glad you invited me to the movie.”

“Me too. You took care of me for the day, thank you.”

Takayama looks satisfied and takes a sip of coffee.

“That’s great, it was worth all the hard work. But we won’t be able to arrange an event as big as today for a while.”

“Of course it is. If we could do this extravagant event every time, we’d be in trouble.”

The four of us smiled and laughed.

It was finally time to talk.

The movie and dinner were over. It’s now or never if I want to talk about it.

I look toward Anri and she nods silently.

Eye contact is perfect. Okay, here we go! God, please help me!

“Ah, umm, So…”

“I’m sorry. I’m going to the restroom. Do you want to go, Tendo?”

I was cut off. I tried my best to make a move, but I was completely cut off.

“I’m going.”

I’m going to the restroom with Takayama.

We’ll talk when I get back from the bathroom. I’ll definitely talk!

“I couldn’t get a chance to say anything. It was hard for me to say, “I have to go to the bathroom during dinner.”

“Don’t hold back. It’s bad for your health.

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s true.”

“Takayama. There will be a bombshell after this. Whatever happens, I want you to hear me out and tell me Takayama’s answer.”

“Hmm? A bombshell? Maybe a surprise event? Oh no, that’s bad for me. No problem, I’m on board for that event.”

It’s a misunderstanding. You’re totally mistaken about something.

What are you going to do? Do I excuse myself here? No, we’ve talked this far.

It’s faster if we go back and talk about it.

“Oh, it’s a surprise. Don’t miss it, okay?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

With Takayama’s misunderstanding intact, we both went back to our room.

When I entered the room, Anri and Sugimoto were having a great time talking about the movie they had seen.

It was like a girls’ night out, drinking tea and talking about romantic movies.

“I’m back, and I feel great!”

No need to report that.

It’s time to drop the bombshell. There is no going back.

My heart. My heart is pounding. Dear God, this is the second time I’m asking for your help!

“Oh, you know–“

“Th, there’s something I want you all to hear!”

Sugimoto suddenly started talking in a loud voice.

Wait, I was going to tell them! Why is this happening twice?

I turn my attention to Anri and I think I see a few jitters.

It’s not my fault, okay? Both the first and second times were unavoidable, right?

“I had fun today. I felt I was having fun from the bottom of my heart. So now that the meal is over, I have something to tell you.”

Sugimoto started talking to us with serious eyes.

The look in her eyes was serious, just like the eyes of someone who has made up her mind.

What on earth is she going to talk about? Oh, maybe it’s about that comic book?

If that’s the case, we can talk a little more peacefully. ……


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