V2 Chapter 38 | One Lie

Sugimoto’s sudden remark made everyone clam up.

While Anri and I are looking at Sugimoto uneasily, Takayama is grinning for some reason.

This is definitely a misunderstanding. Such a suspicion crosses my mind.

Oh no, this is completely unplanned.

Let’s just start over again after Sugimoto’s talk.

“I’m sorry, I suddenly started speaking loudly.

“No, it’s okay. It’s Ayane’s concern, so I’m sure it’s something important, right?”

Sugimoto nodded silently, put her hands on her knees, and closed her eyes.

She took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and began to speak in a low voice.

“First of all, I have to apologize to Anri. I lied to her about one thing.”

“A lie? Yes, but you’re going to tell me now, right? I don’t mind so much, you know?”

Both Anri and Sugimoto’s faces broke into little smiles.

Is it because they trust each other?

“I remember. I told Anri I didn’t remember the past, but the truth is I remember it vividly.”

Anri’s expression changed. Her expression was one of surprise, and her mouth was slightly open.

“So, I see… What do you remember about the old days?”

Sugimoto looks at me and takes a deep breath.

Is it about me? Is this about me?

“I went to the same kindergarten as Tendo-san. I don’t think Tendo-san remembers it, but I remember it vividly, right up to the last time we said goodbye.”

“What? Sugimoto and Tendo originally knew each other?”

“I see… Ayane remembered Tendo-san…”

Thanks for the plug, that’s great of you, Takayama-san.

Knowing the other side of the conversation between Sugimoto and Anri, I’ll try my best not to speak up.

“I used to be good friends with Tendo-san. He moved away and I never saw him again. But now we are in the same class at the high school, and I recognized him at first sight.”

Sugimoto remembered me.

And yet, I had completely forgotten about her.

“You met me a long time ago. But I don’t remember Sugimoto-san. I’m sorry ……”

“No, no, no. I don’t care about that. But it was hard for me to talk to Tendo-san about it. This time, when Anri told me about the movie, I thought it was a good chance.”

I see. It may be a coincidence, but Takayama invited me, I invited Anri, and then Anri invited Sugimoto.

Sugimoto knew about me, then saw a chance to talk to me.

“Ayane said she remembers Tendo-san, but what do you want to do now?”

Anri’s expression is slightly stiff.

The hand holding the handkerchief is straining, and the handkerchief is being squeezed as hard as it can.

She probably doesn’t realize it. My handkerchief…

‘I’m afraid to talk about it. But I have to talk to everyone for my own good. For my own future. ……”

“Okay. I’ll listen to Sugimoto. I’ll listen to what Sugimoto has to say. Well, I was surprised, though. How long have you not seen each other? It must be about ten years.”

As Takayama said, we have not seen each other for almost ten years. How can you remember someone you haven’t seen for 10 years?

Sugimoto remembered me for 10 long years without forgetting me.

What was Sugimoto’s intention in remembering me, and what does it mean to remember me?

“I asked Tendo-san the other day, ‘Is there someone you like or someone you are interested in?’ Tendo-san answered, ‘There is someone I’m interested in.’

I seem to remember being asked something like that a long time ago.

I’m pretty sure it was before I told Anri how I felt about her, right?

“Um, I’m a little embarrassed to have you talk about it.”

“When Tendo-san told me there was someone he was interested in, I was relieved.”

Eh? Relieved?

“What do you mean you feel relieved, Sugimoto-san?”

If the person I was interested in was Sugimoto herself, I don’t think I would say I was relieved.

And if the person I was interested in was Anri, it would be even more confusing.

What in the world does that mean?

“Heh, Tendo. There’s someone you like…”

Oh, that’s not good. I don’t want you to talk about that right now.

I’ll tell you all about it later!

Takayama is looking at me and grinning.

“Ayane. Why are you relieved? Could it be that Ayane likes Tendo-san…?”

“What? Sugimoto likes Tendo? For real!”

Oh, the story is getting complicated.

I’m getting confused, knowing the general details and what’s going on behind the scenes.

“So, what made you feel relieved, Sugimoto-san?”

Sugimoto looked at me with sad eyes.

As if pitying me.

“Do I have feelings for Tendo-san? If you ask me, I would answer, I do.”

Oh, my God! I didn’t expect a bombshell! That’s what you did here!

I look at Anri. But she doesn’t seem to react.

Then I look at Takayama, who is drinking coffee with trembling hands.

And me.

My heartbeat, my pulse. Calm down, okay? There’s more to Sugimoto’s story.

Calm down and make sure.

We were all talking about it just now.

Words are important, and if they are not conveyed properly, they will be misunderstood.

“Ayane… Even now, about Tendo-san…”

There are a few tears on Anri’s eyelids.

I could tell she was trying to hold it back, but she couldn’t hold back her emotions.

“I’m sorry. I lied and betrayed Anri…I’m sorry…”

“No, that’s not true! Me too, me too…”

“I see. Sugimoto, that’s the case…”

The aura of high tension has disappeared from behind Takayama, and now he is silent.

Anyone would be less excited if I were to talk about something like this right in front of them.

“But you know, Anri. I felt relieved when I saw Tendo-san. Even though he forgot about me, I was happy.”

Yes, Sugimoto is saying she is happy for me.

What does she mean by that?

“I’ll tell you a little about the time when I and Tendo-san parted ways a long time ago…”

In a room with quiet music playing, Sugimoto slowly begins to talk.

A story from the past that I don’t know either. A story from the past that only Sugimoto knows.

What on earth will be left after talking about it here?

How will Sugimoto’s prepared statement change our future? ……


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