V2 Chapter 39 | First Love That Has Ended

“I believe in you. I just need you to hear me out.”

A few seconds of time, perhaps.

No one spoke, and the quiet music in the store filled my ears.

“Tendo-san doesn’t remember the last words he exchanged with me after our farewell party at the kindergarten, does he?”

Last words? I don’t remember any of that.

What was the last thing I said to Sugimoto?

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember.”

Does this have anything to do with everyone here, including my past?

Wouldn’t this just be an exposé of my and Sugimoto’s past?

Anri and Takayama also gulped and started to listen to Sugimoto’s voice as he began to speak quietly.

“Ayane-chan! I don’t want to say goodbye to Ayane-chan!”

“It’s okay. Even if I have to say goodbye to Tsu-kun, my heart will always be with you. So don’t worry.”

“But I won’t be able to see Ayane for a long time! I’ll miss you so much!”

“You’re a lonely person, Tsu-kun, aren’t you? I’m sure we will be able to play together again someday, so don’t worry.”

“That’s not true! I’m not going to make friends anymore! If I have to say goodbye to you, I don’t want any friends at all!”

“Don’t say that! The time we spent playing together will become our memories! Are you going to lose those memories too?”

“That’s right. I’m not going to make friends anymore. If I feel lonely, I’ll forget about Ayane, and I won’t make any more friends!”

“Oh, wait, Tsu-kun! I won’t forget you! I will always, always remember you!”

“I’ll never, ever forget you, Ayane!”

“Tsu-kun! Someday, when we meet again, we’ll be friends!”

From Sugimoto’s mouth, the story of the past that I never heard from my mother pierced my heart.

Could it be the memories I’ve forgotten, the memories I sealed away myself as a child?

“You can’t recall? But you see, I did not forget. The memories of when I played with Tsu-kun are in my mind.”

“I’m sorry. I still can’t remember…”

Don’t worry. It must be my fault that Tendo-san forgot about the past. But you know, I was happy when I heard that even though Tendo-san had forgotten me, he still had someone he liked. Even if it was someone other than me, he had not lost the heart to love someone. That made me very happy…”

Anri’s expression changed from before and her face became stern.

“Why? Why did you tell me now? You should have told me earlier, much earlier!”

With tears welling up in her eyelids and a rather strong tone of voice, Anri was pressing Sugimoto.

Takayama also seemed to be listening to the conversation seriously and remained silent for a while.

“I’m sorry. But I couldn’t make up my mind either. I wondered if I could go on like this…”

“What do you want to do with Tendo, Sugimoto? I mean… you like him, don’t you?”

Takayama’s voice was low.

It sounded very different from his usual voice as if he was suffering from emotional stress.

“Before I saw the film, I had a little talk with Tendo-san. I’m going to put an end to the past.”

“Settle the past?”

For some reason, the look in Sugimoto’s eyes made my heart flutter.

When a person earnestly tries to convey something, it moves people’s hearts.

I had a feeling that our hearts would be moved when we heard what Sugimoto had to say.

“I, Ayane Sugimoto, am in love with someone right now, someone I like. But it is not Tendo-san.”

Takayama’s eyes widened and he began to speak while looking at Sugimoto.

“But you said earlier that you like Tendo…”

“Yes. I liked Tendo-san, I always liked him. But then someone else came along who I was interested in, and that person filled my heart more and more. And that person filled my heart with everything…”

We heard Sugimoto’s thoughts. How am I supposed to answer?

How would the other two take it and how would they respond?

“Ayane doesn’t like Tendo-san? Doesn’t it matter anymore?”

“No, I don’t! I liked him, that’s for sure. But it became a memory of the past. My first love, my first love ended then… I love you all. That’s why I want everyone to know my true feelings.”

Takayama turned his eyes to Sugimoto and looked at her seriously.

“Talk to us. We’ll take it all in. No matter what happens, no matter what, we will never betray you. Don’t worry.”

Takayama’s smile is wonderful at times like this.

I thought he was upset not too long ago, but he’s already switched.

“Thank you. I’m glad I met Tendo-san, Anri, and Takayama-kun.”

With tears on her eyelids, Sugimoto wiped her tears with a handkerchief in her hand.

Anri seemed calmer than before and her expression softened.

“I am here now because of the memories I had with Tendo-san. Thank you, I’ve always loved you. But now…”

Sugimoto closed his eyes and took a deep breath while looking at Takayama.

“I love Takayama-kun! I love you from the bottom of my heart so much that I can’t control my feelings. Takayama-kun…”

Not from me, but from Sugimoto’s mouth, a bombshell.

Seriously? I was trying to surprise them, but I was surprised instead!

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