V2 Chapter 4 | Beginning of the Study Session


“All right! Let’s make a dash for the day!”

Takayama dashing at the chime.

That’s a good start. Maybe he’s suited for the track and field team?

Now I can go to the vending machine in front of the store.

Milk is good, but this is the best for rice.

It’s only one coin, and it’s warm.

Hot miso soup. It’s a good lineup to be able to buy miso soup from a vending machine.

Going up the stairs to the rooftop. Nice breeze.

I look around and see three people sitting on seats.

Anri’s hair is flowing in the wind. I stare at the back of her head for a while and ask myself if I am really dating Anri.

At school, things are as usual. But it will be a different school life than before.

I slowly make my way to the seat and sit next to Takayama.

” Thanks for waiting. Sorry, I’m late.”

There were already four lunch boxes on the seat.

And desserts for four. What? Four?

I know Takayama’s lunch box. Are they for me, Anri, and Sugimoto?

“Did you make three lunches?”

“Yes, Anri and Tendo-san used to buy lunch at the store, so I made some today.”

What would have happened if we had all brought our own lunches?

“Ayane brought Tendo-san a lunch box?”

Anri pressed closer to Sugimoto.

Well, she made the lunch box without prior notice.

“Yes, of course, there’s one for Anri too.”

“No, that’s fine. Let me know ahead of time if you can.”

“Sorry, I had a sudden idea this morning.”

“All right, let’s eat quickly! What’s for dessert?”

Takayama opens the lid of the dessert before lunch.

Well, the order is up to each individual.

I picked up the lunch box in front of me and opened the lid.

“Oh? It looks delicious. An, instead of bread, is Himekawa-san having the same lunch box?”

Watch out, watch out. I almost called her ‘Anri’.

I was almost going to call her “Anri.” At school, if I don’t call her “Himekawa-san,” people around me will be suspicious of me.

“Tendo, they’re all the same in every way, aren’t they? See, all three have sandwiches in them.”

“They both had bread the other day, so I thought bread would be better. They all have the same contents.”

Yes, they are sandwiches.

It’s not rice. Sure, you know, I like sandwiches.

I like ham, lettuce, bacon, tuna, …….

But you know what I got is hot miso soup.

Not coffee or tea, but miso soup.

I failed. I should have matured and used milk. ……

Without opening the lid of the miso soup I bought, I put the delicious-looking sandwich in my mouth.

“Takayama, I’ll give you this.”

I hand him the hot miso soup I no longer drink as it is.

Is it okay? I’m sorry! Miso soup is delicious!”

Takayama starts drinking the miso soup with a smug look on his face.

Takayama’s lunch box is a large two-tier lunch box. The first tier is all rice.

The miso soup would not be a problem.

I raise my head and look into the distance. The sky is filled with clouds, and the occasional breeze feels good.

Two girls and two boys. Our high school life has just begun.

“Dessert, yum!”

Takayama is studying hard.

“I’m glad. I’ll go make some more next time.”

Sugimoto was trying her best to be a part of the circle.

“I’ll go make lunch next time!”

Anri was also doing her best.

“The sky looks so nice.”

What am I doing?

The four of us are looking up at the sky and watching the clouds.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Anri puts her hair, which has been swept away by the wind, over her ear with her index finger.

I look at her gesture and our gazes cross.

Then Anri winked at me. Takayama and Sugimoto are still looking at the sky.

No one knows about our relationship yet.

Will they know one day?

Will everyone give us their blessing then?

I wonder when that time will come…

“Tendo! Um, you know, if it’s okay with Tendo, why don’t you come to study with us after school?”

Today’s class is over and it is after school. As I was getting ready to leave, Takayama suddenly called out to me.

Study group, huh? I don’t have a part-time job on weekdays, so there’s no particular hurry to get home.

I’ll just go home when I can get dinner ready.

“Well, as long as it’s not too late.”

“Then let’s have Nadeshiko and Sugimoto-san join us. Nadeshiko and Sugimoto-san are doing pretty well, of course.”

I know Anri’s grades, but what about Sugimoto-san’s grades?

I mean, isn’t it pretty hard to invite those two to study or something?

“If those two are ok with you asking them out. You haven’t asked them out yet, have you?”

“Don’t worry. If Tendo invites them, I’m sure they will agree to study with him. After all, Tendo invited him last time and they accepted.”

With a smile on his face, Takayama asked me to join him.

I like you, boss. Let’s give it a shot. Anri is one thing, but I don’t know what will happen to Sugimoto-san.

“Well, I’ll talk to them later.”

I leave my bag at my desk after I finish preparing to leave and look toward the desk where Anri is.

On days when she has a part-time job, Anri leaves the classroom immediately, but today, for some reason, she is still in the classroom, talking with Sugimoto-san about something.

What are they talking about?

I walk up to them and get close enough to hear their conversation.

Takayama is preparing to leave and is watching us for detention.

Don’t panic, boss. I’m going to talk to him now.

Why do I always have to call out to them?

Takayama has both of our numbers and can send us a message, right?

I thought to myself, but it would be faster to talk to them directly, so I ended up right in front of them.

“Anri, I have a little favor to ask you. Do you have any plans after school this weekday?”

Sugimoto-san was talking with Anri about something.

Is it okay if I interrupt the conversation? Let’s see how it goes.

“Not this week in particular, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t study at home very much. If it’s all right with you, Anri, would you like to study with me after school?”

“I don’t have any plans, so I’ll be fine.”

I watched them from afar for a bit, not being able to join their conversation.

According to Takayama, Sugimoto-san must have good grades in her own right.

But from what she just said, it sounds like she’s pretty close to the edge.

“Sorry for interrupting your conversation.”

“T, Tendo-san… No, it’s all right. Do you have some business with Anri?”

“I guess it’s more like something for you two. Do you two have any plans after school this week?”

I know that Anri has no plans.

I also know that she doesn’t have a part-time job on weekdays, and I have already confirmed this by looking at her shift schedule.

“I don’t really have anything in particular. What about Anri?”

“Nothing this week for me either. So, do you have any plans for after school?

“Oh, if you want, why don’t we stay after school and have a study session until the test starts? Me, Takayama, and the four of us.”

I don’t have any problems. I’m sure Anri will have no problem either.

Takayama would love to study with the two of us, especially with Anri.

But I can’t invite only Anri, so you mean I need to invite Sugimoto, too, right?

“Just in time. I was also asking if I could stay after school with Anri. Tendo-san, since your grades are good, could you teach me?”

I’m not as good as Anri, but I’m a member of the ranks, too, in case you’re wondering.

Takayama must have the brains to be ranked in a few more.

Was Sugimoto-san ranked?

I can only remember the top three names, so it’s a total unknown.

“I’ll teach Ayane, and Tendo-san will teach Takayama-san. Let’s have a study session with the four of us.”

“Are you sure? Aren’t you busy, Anri?”

“I’m fine. I’m not busy at all. Tendo-san has no problem with me being there, right?”

Anri’s eyes looking at me were scary.

Thus began the after-school study session for the four of us, including me.


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