V2 Chapter 41 | Angel’s Sleeping Face

I board the train and walk home with Anri along the usual shopping street.

It is now dark and most of the stores are gone.

“I wonder what will happen to those two?”

“I wonder. I’ll ask them the next time I see them. I never thought in my wildest dreams that they would do something like that right in front of us.”

Takayama was perhaps planning to express his feelings to Sugimoto.

He said he had reserved a terrace. Besides, that restaurant is too upscale for a normal person.

How far had Takayama thought about it? I’ll ask him directly next time.

It no longer felt cold even at night, and just the right breeze was blowing between us.

The moon and stars are shining in the sky, and it’s a quiet night except for a dog barking in the distance.

“Do you like me, Tsukasa-kun?”

Anri takes my arm and peeks out at me.

“Of course.”

“What do you like about me?”

What part do I like? What do I like about you?

“It’s hard to say…”

Good at studying? Cute? Good personality? Rich?

Excellent cooking? Actually a sweetheart? 

Well, no. Not really.

I feel at home when I’m with her, and a little anxious when I’m not.

I feel delicious when we eat together.

When we do something together, I feel happy.

What exactly do I like about Anri?

“I can’t answer immediately.”

“I don’t mean that. What is it, not specifically what, but Anri’s existence? I think I like Anri herself.”

A little embarrassed, Anri pulled my crossed arms a little tighter to herself.

My arms touch Anri’s body. I’m a little nervous, but I have to be cool.

“I see. I feel at ease when I am with Tsukasa-kun, and I think of you fondly.”

“Thank you. I think about you a lot, too.”

Shoulder to shoulder, we walk home together.

I don’t know how long we can walk that road side by side together.

But I know I want Anri to be next to me forever.

After arriving home, we each change into rough clothes and take turns taking a bath.

“Then I will dry Tsukasa-kun’s hair again today.”

When Anri dries my hair, I am in a state of bliss.

At first, I was a little reluctant to let her dry my hair, but lately, I find that it feels good to be dried.

Sitting on the sofa, standing behind me, Anri turns on the hair dryer and warm air dries my hair.

This time it’s not hot air, but the right temperature. Thank you very much.

“Yes, I’m done. Your hair has grown a little longer. Shall we go to the hairdresser soon?”

A hairdresser? Do you go to such a place?

“I always get a 100 yen haircut in the shopping arcade, but do I have to go to a hairdresser?”

There is a store in the shopping arcade that always cuts hair for 100 yen.

And the haircut time is about ten minutes. It’s easy to go there, and more importantly, it’s easy on the wallet.

“No. I found a hair salon in the neighborhood that Tsukasa-kun could go to, so let’s go there next time. I’ll be there with you.”

No, I’m embarrassed.

Besides, I can go to the hairdresser by myself, right?

“Why are you coming too, Anri? If I know where the store is, I can go alone, right?”

Anri sighs deeply for some reason.

Then she put the hair dryer in her hand on the table and spoke to me with serious eyes.

“Listen to me carefully. Tsukasa-kun, please spend more time on yourself, like your clothes and hair. It’s important to keep up appearances, okay?”

Anri got angry at me.

“Oh, oh. I understand. But, why can’t I go to the barbershop by myself?”

I asked her again just to be sure.

“It’s not a barbershop, it’s a hairdresser’s shop. I have something I want to tell the person in charge about your cut, so I’ll go with you.”

When she uses a strong tone of voice, Anri will not yield.

I’m sure things will continue to go on in this way.

Well, it’s okay to go to the hairdresser. I’m going to give in here.

“All right. We’ll go next time I have time.”

“I’ll make an appointment and I’ll schedule it for you.”

As I recall, she said she was going to buy clothes next time, and now to a hair salon.

I’ve never been to such a fancy place. I guess I’m going to experience a lot with Anri…

Anri took the towel wrapped around her head and started to fix her hair.

“Hey, since I always have you dry my hair, do you want me to dry your hair too, Anri?”

I’ve had her dry my hair many times, and it would be nice to return the favor once in a while.

“Are you sure? It takes quite a long time to dry, doesn’t it?”

“I’m fine. Here, sit here.”

“Thank you. I’m a little happy. Then, I’ll leave you to it.”

I pointed to an empty seat next to me on the sofa, but for some reason, Anri sat down right in front of me.

I was sitting with my legs slightly hunched and there was a space between my legs, so Anri sat there a little.

Wait, that’s not right. Not in front of me, but beside me.

“Ah, Anri?”

“Is this okay? Tell me if my hair is in the way.”


Anri is sitting in front of me, and I can see her back well.

She is wearing light pink pajamas and has long, waist-length hair.

When I hold her pitch-black, damp hair in my hand, it feels heavier than I expected.

“Let me know if it hurts or if I’m drying it wrong.”


I held the hair dryer in one hand and started to dry Anri’s long hair with the other hand.

While I was drying her long hair, I felt my hands on her shoulders and back.

It was the first time for me to dry a girl’s hair, but it was such a thrilling experience.

Maybe Anri was also nervous when she was drying my hair.

No, no, let’s focus. If I don’t dry her hair properly, she will catch a cold.

I put my hand on Anri’s head and rub her head with my fingertips, making an opening in her hair so that the dryer blows air.

It doesn’t take long to dry. If it were my hair, it would dry in a few minutes, but Anri’s hair is not dry even after ten minutes.

I was impressed to think that a girl with long hair has to do such a hard job every day.

After a while, when I thought it was almost dry, Anri suddenly leaned against my leg.

“What’s wrong? Did it hurt?”

There was no response. When I gently peeked at Anri, her eyes were closed and I could hear her breathing in her sleep.

She must be tired after everything that happened today.

I turn off the hair dryer and brush Anri’s hair with my hand.

Her dry hair is silky and smells like soap.

I tie her long hair back and use the rubber band that was on Anri’s wrist to hold her hair in place.

As I recall, this is how she looked before going to bed, right?

It seems that Anri has completely fallen asleep.

I carry Anri in my arms as a princess and go to the next room.

I slowly put her down on my bed and cover her with a futon.

Her face looks like an angel’s sleeping face.

I kiss her lightly on the cheek.

Good night, Anri…

A lot happened today, but it was a fun day.

I switch the room light to the night light and leave the room.

Well, I’m going to sleep on the sofa. 

Anri’s room is in a loft, and I can’t go up the loft stairs with Anri on my back.

I should let her sleep on my bed for the time being.

I wanted to talk about many things, but I’ll do it tomorrow.


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