V2 Chapter 7 | The Secret Story

“I knew carbonated drinks were the best!”

I handed the drinks I had bought to Anri and Sugimoto and sat down on the seat I was sitting on.

“Thank you. How much was it?”

Anri was about to take her purse out of her bag.

“Oh, me too.”

“No, this one’s on Takayama. I don’t need the money.”

Takayama had bought drinks for the three of us.

But for him to treat two girls, let alone me, is he a pretty good guy?

“But I feel bad and…”

Sugimoto looked at Takayama with a reserved look.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’m just thanking you for the dessert.”

Oh, I see, you had to return the favor to Mr. Sugimoto.

Hmm? I was given a bento, but I didn’t return it.

Maybe it’s no good?

“But I didn’t do anything to Takayama-san in particular, did I?”

Anri is about to give Takayama some coins as she looks at him.

“No, no, I’m learning from Himekawa-san. Let me at least offer you some juice.”

That seems to be what he meant. So, both Anri and Sugimoto had a good reason to be treated to a drink.

Under the circumstances, it seems like I’m the one who didn’t do anything.

I guess I should buy something for everyone this time.

“Well, don’t worry about the juice. If it helps you study better, it’s a small investment!”

Once again, we are in a cooler room, each of us with a reference book or textbook in hand, and we begin to study.

But it’s a little noisy outside. Wasn’t this a soundproof room?

Huh? Come to think of it, didn’t we hear voices inside at the door earlier?

“Sugimoto-san. Isn’t this place soundproofed?”

“Yes, it is. This room was originally used as a storage room, so the walls are the same as in a normal room.”

“Is that so? The other study rooms are soundproofed, but can you hear voices coming from outside of this room?”

“If you don’t talk too loudly, you’ll be fine. If it’s right in front of the door, though, you might be able to hear the conversation inside.”

Anri’s expression changes a little. Then, she sends a glance at me.

I wonder if it might be about what she just talked about. Well, I think I’ll have a little talk with Anri after I leave.

“I’m sure it won’t be a problem as long as Takayama doesn’t make too much noise. The other three are usually quiet, right?”

“What are you saying, Tendo? I’m a man who does things when he has to. Didn’t I study quietly just now?”

He certainly wasn’t making any noise.

“That’s right. Shall we study quietly?”

After a while, Sugimoto was frowning while looking at her textbook.

Her eyebrows were starting to wrinkle as she looked at her notebook and textbook alternately.

“What’s wrong? Something you don’t understand?”

Takayama calls out to Sugimoto.

Oops, Takayama spoke first, not Anri. If he can answer the question, he gets a high point.

But if not, it’s a minus point.

Sugimoto looked at me and Anri once, but Anri was looking down.

She and I were looking at each other, but I didn’t say anything to her.

“Etto, it’s here…”

Takayama was looking at Sugimoto’s notebook and flipping through the textbook.

“You can refer to this page for help. See, there’s an example here?”

“Oh, it’s true. Thank you…”

Takayama. I may have been a little mistaken.

He is very attentive, quick to act, and follows everyone without hesitation.

And he casually follows everyone.

Maybe you are a better guy than I am.

With Takayama by my side, I was looking at Anri again.

However, Anri’s hands are frozen.

She is not looking at anything in particular.

—She seemed to be staring at a point and thinking about something.

I noticed that it was almost time for the library to close.

Sugimoto seemed to have some work to do as a member of the library committee, so the three of us were going home first.

“Sorry, I’m leaving before you.”

“I’m fine. It’s always fun to have a study group with everyone. Shall we do it again tomorrow?”

“I guess so. If you’re free, let’s have another study session tomorrow.”

Takayama is posing with his fists in the air at an angle that the two girls can’t see.

I can understand that feeling.

“I’ll lock the door and go home, so I’ll stay here.”

Sugimoto remains in the library with the other committee members.

The other members of the committee are similar to Sugimoto. They all seem to be serious. They all seemed to be serious.

“Then, shall we go home?”

The three of us went to the entrance and headed for the main gate.

“Hey, Tendo, why don’t you come home with me today? There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

I look at Anri with my eyes.

She looks a little lonely, but I can’t ask her to come with me.

“Oh, are you okay with going to the station?”

“Okay then Himekawa-san, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thank you very much for today!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Both of you, be careful on your way home.”

Takayama and I were going home together.

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time with Takayama lately.

Anri is looking at me in the back.

Well, it’s the same road to the station, so we inevitably end up taking the same path.

“Hey, Tendo. I’ve noticed something.”

“About what?”

“About Nadeshiko and Sugimoto.”

“So, what did you notice about those two?”

“You know how hot it was in the study hall today? And Nadeshiko took off her uniform, right?”

“What about it?”

“But Sugimoto didn’t. Why do you think?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she was feeling cold?”

“That can’t be it. It was hot then.”

“What was this all about?”

From this point on, it’s our secret. Don’t tell anyone, especially those two.

“All right. What’s this all about?”

“If my eyes are correct, then Sugimoto has more volume than Nadeshiko. And quite a bit more.”

Boing. Bo ing. Boing…

Takayama, I was wrong.

I’m the one who thought you might be a great guy, even if just a little.

What are you looking at while studying?

Were you looking at those two with such lustful eyes?

“Is that so?”

But I’m a little curious, too.

I’m a healthy boy, too. I can’t help but be interested in them. [TLN: I think we can all agree here]

“Oh, I didn’t realize it before, but I’m sure it’s true now. Tendo, I’m going to the movies, whatever it takes. And I’ll see those two in casual clothes. Plus, I’ll invite them to dinner after the movie. Isn’t that perfect?”

Takayama started to go off the rails.

Is it my job to stop this guy here?

Boss, going too far is not a good idea. But I understand the feeling.

“Anyway, let’s study hard so we can go to the movies.”

“Oh, yeah. This study session is going well, so maybe we can make it!”

Listening to Takayama’s delusional talk, we walked toward the station.

Where is Takayama headed?

The sky is reddish and the stars are beginning to appear.

Anyway, after I leave Takayama at the station, I’ll wait for Anri inside the premises.


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