Chapter 12 | Tutor

On that day, Haruto was sitting at his desk with a restless feeling in his heart.

Although the end of the year was approaching, the inside of the mansion was quite peaceful, and there was no particular change in the state of the servants.

He fell asleep with a happy feeling at the Christmas party, and when he woke up the next morning, he wondered if he had been dreaming, but when he saw the many presents on the living room table, he let out a sigh of relief that it had all been real.

The gifts included reference books, dictionaries, problem books, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, notebooks, and markers, all of which are very common gifts for students preparing for entrance exams (high-end fountain pens notwithstanding), but also things that Haruto was very grateful for.

Especially new reference books and problem books, which until now had only been second-hand and out-of-date, would allow him to devote even more time to his studies as he prepares for the entrance examinations next year.

As usual, he woke up early in the morning, so he spent the time before breakfast at his desk.

After breakfast, he spends a little time talking with Shigeto before returning to his room to resume his studies.

He would stay up late after lunch and dinner, and Shigeto was concerned that he might be overworking himself, but he was so excited to be able to take the high school entrance exam he had longed for that he felt no fatigue.

In fact, he was not tired at all. He used to deliver newspapers early in the morning, do housework afterward, go to school immediately afterward, do housework afterward, work again, come home after 8 pm, do housework, study in secret afterward, sleep for a few hours, and work again. Compared to a life in which one is sometimes assaulted for unreasonable reasons, in the current environment where one is served three nutritious and plentiful meals a day plus a light meal in the afternoon, does not have to work or do housework, and does not have to look at the faces of those who live with them, being at one’s desk all the time should not be a burden. 

Besides, apart from school classes, all of his studies are almost self-study, and he has not taken any mock exams, so Haruto has no way of knowing how good his academic ability is.

He does not want to fail the high school entrance examination, which he has always dreamed of taking, and he does not want to be disappointed if he fails to pass the exam because he does not know the level of “Reisei Gakuen” recommended by Shigeto.

Thinking about this makes him anxious, and part of him is distracted by devoting himself to his studies.

However, there is a limit to what you can study on your own.

In memorized subjects, if you don’t know the key points, you will end up memorizing useless parts, and no amount of time will be enough.

Although it is possible to learn a certain amount from reference books, it is more efficient to learn directly from someone who knows the subject matter.

Especially considering that there is only one month left until the entrance exam for “Reisei Gakuen,” a student needs someone who can teach them intensively.

So, when he told Shigeto and the others that he wanted to go to high school, Ayane said she would provide him with a tutor, who would be coming from now on.

He had no experience of being taught by adults other than his school teachers, let alone his classmates (the adults at his workplace were all far from being able to solve even the first-grade problems), so he was anxious and nervous, and uncomfortable.

In particular, Haruto was not blessed with many teachers at school, and most of them either distanced themselves from Haruto or were indifferent to him because they disliked his former mother’s behavior. There were a few, like Akaishi-sensei, who were sympathetic to Haruto’s situation and tried to help him.

While he believes that the situation is very different now and such a thing will not happen, he still cannot shake off his uneasiness.


Haruto, who has been looking at his reference book but not concentrating on it, gets up and opens the door, his heart beating even faster at the sound of a knock at the door.

Hiromi informs him that the tutor has arrived, and Haruto asks to be escorted to the living room.

This had been arranged in advance, however, and Haruto simply nodded at Hiromi’s request.

He sat shallowly on the sofa in the living room and waited, and after only about five minutes, a woman came in accompanied by Minato.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Marina Kosaka, and I will be your tutor from today. I will do my best, so please treat me well.”

When Haruto stood up, he walked up to her and bowed deeply.

She is probably still in her early twenties. She is quite beautiful with an attractive shortcut and clear nose and eyes. The corners of her eyes are slightly downcast, giving her a kindly air.

Her height is short, about 150 centimeters, but since Haruto is much smaller than average at just over 140 centimeters, she is not too intimidating to him. The height difference is enough to make Haruto feel less intimidated. However, her breasts are large for her height and she has a very good style, which makes him wonder what kind of criteria were used to select her.

“Um, it’s nice to meet you too!”

Marina’s low posture puzzled him, but as a teacher, he was in a position to learn from her. He bowed his head to convey his enthusiasm.

“I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Marina was impatiently repeating the same line.

She had come prepared for the fact that she was dealing with a junior high school student who was about to take an entrance exam, and that he was a boy, and that there might be a problem.

Marina works as a regular teacher at a cram school and comes from decent family background. However, she is a third daughter and has little support from her family. She graduated from a well-known university with a degree in education intending to become a teacher but was not hired as a teacher at the private school of her choice, so she is working as a tutor while waiting for an opening to become available.

Although it sounds good to be a regular instructor at a cram school, it is also a very difficult job.

While regular instructors are in charge of their subjects, they also have to substitute for other instructors and give lectures temporarily when the number of students increases, such as during the summer classes.

They must be able to lecture not only in their courses but also in other major courses. The work environment is almost like a black workplace, especially these days when many cram schools are offering small class sizes.

It was in this context that Marina was approached by name just two days ago with this request.

Marina has been working hard in her lectures, including preparation, as she has a desire to become a teacher at a private high school, and her teaching style and appearance, combined with her students, have earned her a high level of support.

She understood that this was why she was nominated, and the conditions were unbeatable.

If hired, the pay would be almost equal to her current annual salary in one month, and it would continue until the end of the examination. Furthermore, if Haruto’s opinion of Marina was high enough after passing the entrance exam for his first choice, he would even recommend her for a teaching position at the private high school of his choice.

Marina knows the name “Sumeragi” because of her family background. She also knew that he was an exceptionally wealthy man and that he had great influence at national and international levels. No matter how prestigious the school, it would be no problem for him to get one or two teachers.

It is unusual to hire a new tutor in the third year of junior high school.

There may be rare cases where a student is just a little short of the standard deviation and wants to gain an edge, but the majority of cases are probably the result of some problem with the student himself. If the student is offered exceptional treatment, it is natural to be wary of the situation.

Since the other party was a well-known and prestigious family, she thought it would not be that bad, but she came to the place with a reasonable amount of determination. When she finally met the student, even compared to a woman of her size, he was a cute little boy with the appearance of an elementary school student, honest and good-natured, and somewhat reminiscent of a small animal. As for Marina, who had prepared herself for even a little sexual harassment, she was a bit disappointed.

But then, the remaining problem was his actual academic ability.

“Well, first of all, I would like to see your current academic ability, so I would like you to do a mock test for me.”

In either case, Marina had no choice but to do her best.

She would have to be officially hired as a tutor before she could begin. But even if she is not hired or fails the test, she is promised an unbelievable reward and a return to her old job, so there is no risk involved.

However, Marina is already feeling a desire to help this boy.

“Yes, yes! Well, then, in the study room next door, is that okay?”

As for Haruto, he had no objection and decided to move to the study room as soon as possible.

After having a chair prepared for Marina, he prepared himself and began to solve the exam questions handed to him.

Just like a normal mock exam, they timed themselves one subject at a time, pausing for a short break and lunch before finishing the mock exam for the main subjects.

While Haruto was solving the mock exam questions, Marina was grading the subjects he had finished.

Then, she finishes grading the last subject in front of Haruto, who is anxiously watching her.


“Oh, um, how did it go?”

“Uh?” I’ve finished grading all of them, and to be honest, I’m surprised. If you can get a few key points and overcome your weak areas, you’ll be well within the passing range.”

As she said, Marina was quite surprised.

“Reisei Gakuen” is a prestigious private school that offers everything from middle school to university.

Although it is not possible to make comparisons simply because there are many factors other than academic ability required, a reasonable level is required for entrance examinations for upper secondary schools, although not as high as those of famous preparatory schools.

As a general guideline, a safe zone is considered to be a deviation score of 65 or higher in all subjects and 70 or higher in the total deviation score. or at least 60 in one subject and 75 in a specific subject, even if you specialize in a particular field.

Haruto’s scores on this year’s mock exam questions were 71 in Japanese, 69 in mathematics, and 65 even in English, which is the lowest score. The correct answer rate for Japanese history, a subject unique to “Reisei Gakuen”, was also over 80.

The exam questions were from the national standardized mock exam, and since Haruto had not taken the exam, it was purely based on his current academic ability.

According to what he told her during the break, he had studied almost exclusively on his own, outside of school classes, using reference books and problem collections that were more than two years old.

It was obvious that he had been studying with a strong passion and that he had used his reference books and problem books to the point of wear and tear, but even so, it was unexpected that he would achieve such a high level of results.

If he could do this well on his own, he still had a lot of room to grow. In fact, there are some mistakes and near misses in the answers, so even if they were only improved, the deviation could be raised by 2 to 3 points.

It is true that the “Reisei Gakuen” entrance exam is only a month away, but if he focuses on his weak points and concentrates on them, there is a good chance that he will be able to make it.

The trial period to see if she would be hired for this position is three days, including today, but Marina was suddenly very motivated.

She was able to ask him why he was looking for a tutor at such an imminent time, and to some extent about Haruto’s life up to now, which eliminated any suspicion that there might be a problem.

Above all, even after a short conversation, she could tell that Haruto was so honest and hardworking that it was hard to believe that he had been through so much hardship and that he was the kindest and most innocent person she had ever seen.

And he is small and cute.

Marina’s preference for men was older and more reserved, but she is about to change her religious beliefs at this very moment. Now is the time to say it out loud. Cute is justice.

“Um, am I okay?”

“Yes! I think you have the basics down and you seem to have a good understanding of the main parts of the application. There are a few areas where your understanding is weak or the way you are solving the problems is wrong, but at this level, I think you will be able to pass the exam on time.

Even at this stage, you are at a level where you have a good chance of passing the exam, so as long as you focus on it, you should be fine. Let’s work hard together!”

“Ha, yes!”

Haruto expresses his joy like a flower blooming, and Marina, almost bursting out in a nosebleed, is fired up, “I’ll make sure he passes the exam!”

Fortunately, for various reasons, she will not be going to school but will be staying at the mansion to study until the entrance exam, and after this appointment, she will have a room in the servants’ dormitory on the premises if she so wishes. Although there are limits, she can devote a considerable amount of time to teaching.

“I’m going to spend the rest of today’s lesson explaining how to solve the wrong parts of this practice test and how to think about it.

Okay, let’s start with the seventh math question…”

Haruto, a little surprised at Marina’s vigorous breathing, went back to his desk again.


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