Chapter 9 | The Beginning of a Life of Pampering


After a few seconds of making a small voice, Haruto slowly opens his eyes.

He opened one of his eyes, not wide open, but just a little, and with his right hand, he fumbled with the place where he had always placed his watch.

The first thing he felt was a smooth, soft feeling like nothing he had ever touched before.

“Ah, aree?”

A vague feeling of discomfort gradually awakened his consciousness, and he woke up with a start.

“Huh? Oh? Oh, I see.”

For a moment he didn’t know where he was, but soon the memory of yesterday came back to him.

However, his memory is quite vague since he entered this room last night.

It seems that he was more exhausted than he had imagined due to the hectic pace of events, which seemed to have condensed months’ worth of events into a single day.

His consciousness became hazy around the time he was having dinner with his grandfather Shigeto, and he somehow remembers entering his room and changing his clothes, but he cannot recall the rest.

He probably fell into bed and fell asleep. Fortunately, he was still properly covered with a futon.

Haruto looks around the room again.

In his previous home, he had naturally become night-sighted because he would get in trouble if he woke up in the dark to deliver newspapers and made noise or turned on a light.

In addition, there is a night light installed under the bed to illuminate the foot of the bed, so he had no difficulty in seeing his surroundings.

The room is about 10 tatami mats in area, with a double-sized bed in the center of the back wall, and a side table to the left of the bed (to the right when lying on the bed). On top of it, there is a light with a touch sensor and a digital alarm clock.

And on the wall facing the bed is a TV about the size of a tatami mat.

On the left side of the TV was a sliding door, on the left side of the room was a sliding door that spanned the entire wall, and on the right side was a curtain that also spanned the entire wall.

That’s about all you could see.

Fearfully, he gets off the bed.

He can feel the soft carpet like a cushion on his bare feet.

He walks up to the door and flips on the wall switch.

Immediately, the room is filled with the soft glow of indirect lighting. Unlike fluorescent light, it does not dazzle his eyes, which are accustomed to the darkness.

He finds a pair of slippers on the opposite side of the bed and hurries to put them on, feeling a little embarrassed.

Yesterday, after he finished bathing, Ayane showed him to this room and explained that this was Haruto’s private room.

However, at that time, he hardly had time to settle down and was called to the dining room when dinner was ready, so he could hardly see the room.

(Private room, that is, my room, right? But something tells me I’m still dreaming.)

Although he could tell it wasn’t a dream from the fact that no matter how many times he pinched his cheek, it didn’t change, the gap between his life so far was so great that it still didn’t feel real.

He has a very common sensibility that an abused child being taken in by a millionaire is only possible in the world of fiction or fantasy in his imagination.

Looking at his watch, it is almost time for him to go out to deliver newspapers. Most people are still in bed, but Haruto’s sleepiness has completely disappeared because of his habit.

(I’ll try to look around the room with as little noise as possible so as not to disturb others.)

Haruto thought so and first opened the curtains.

It was a large balcony, about five meters deep.

The balcony had a wall that served as a blindfold from the floor to about 50 centimeters (the top of the footboard), from which a decorative lattice railing continued at a height of about 150 centimeters. Half of the area from the room side seemed to have a roof over it.

However, it is midwinter and dark outside, so there was no need to go outside.

Leaving the curtains in place, this time he opened the sliding door on the opposite side.

It was a closet, or rather, a wardrobe room. It was the same width as the bedroom and about two meters deep. There are shelves and a closet along the wall, and in the rest of the space, there are several hanger pipes for hanging clothes.

There are already dozens of clothes on hangers, and Haruto wonders if they are his grandfather’s. The investigation revealed that the clothes are his grandfather’s. But in fact, the clothes are all in the minimum (according to the subjective judgment of Shigeto and the servants) for Haruto in the sizes known from the research.

In the corner of the shelf, there was a bag containing the uniform that Haruto wore yesterday and a few of his personal belongings that he took out of the house.

Overwhelmed by the sheer size of a single space for clothes, he closes the sliding door for the time being.

Then, he noticed another sliding door on the left side of the room. It is just on the opposite side of the bedroom entrance.

Opening it, he found a changing room-like space, a toilet, and a shower room on the far side of the room.

If he had been led to this room before going to the bathroom, he probably would have used this room instead of the bath. This room alone seems to be equipped with almost no inconvenience for daily life.

Next, he left the bedroom and went to the next room.

It was again a sight to behold.

The living room, which looked to be about the size of two school classrooms, seemed larger than the first living room we were shown.

There was a huge TV that was not in the living room on the first floor, a rack with several hundred DVDs? or Blu-ray discs?, and a small table next to the TV. -Next to it were what appeared to be several game consoles still in their boxes.

There was a low table, several sofas, and even what looked like a bar counter.

To his surprise, there was also a toilet in the living room.

However, there was little in the way of furnishings or decorations, and it was kept rather urban and simple.

There is another door on the other side of that living room.

When it’s opened, it is a windowless room about four and a half tatami mats in size.

It has a much more relaxed atmosphere than the various rooms we have seen that are an order of magnitude larger.

There is no window, another door to the left, and a larger desk in front.

On the desk is a computer monitor and keyboard, a small clock, and what looks like a telephone handset, and the walls on either side are bookcases up to the ceiling. Surprisingly, there was not a single book on the bookshelf, but this must be a study or a study room.

And finally, the door on the left side.

When opened, the smell of paper and ink is in the air.

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

Reading is one of Haruto’s only hobbies.

Reading books borrowed from the school library or the city library was one of the few things he looked forward to during his difficult days.

And, as one would expect, his (ex-) mother never threw away or tore up the books he borrowed from the library. Now that he thinks about it, she probably didn’t want to be asked to pay for the books or have her identity verified.

Anyway, for Haruto, the sight beyond the door was enough to make his heart flutter.

The room itself was the same size or slightly larger than the bedroom, but the entire space was occupied by aisles and stacks, lined with countless books.

There were not only technical books, dictionaries, illustrated books, and literary books, but also light novels, manga, and almost every other genre of books. The number of books must be in the tens of thousands.

In fact, this was also the product of the outburst of an elderly grandson who learned of Haruto’s survival.

He bought all kinds of video game consoles sold at that time, game titles that were popular beyond a certain level, DVDs of various genres, etc. When they learned from the report that he liked books, he had them prepare all kinds of books that were on sale to the public. (However, books that are not educational, religious, or political are excluded, unless they can be used as reference materials.)

The items here are only those that have been categorized and organized so that they can be searched, and there are more in other places, but that’s another story.

After taking a look around the room, Haruto sits down a little on the sofa, somewhat stunned. Even in such a state, he refrains from sitting down with a thud.

Everything is a dreamlike space. That is why he feels somewhat unrealistic and anxious at the same time.

This is probably also because he has a healthy mind. The greater the change in environment, the longer it takes people to adjust to it.


“Excuse me.”

The knock on the door jolts him back to reality.

He quickly looks at the clock on the wall, but it is still before five o’clock.

“Can I get you something to drink? Would you like some hot milk tea?”

“Uh, yes, thank you.”

A woman in a maid’s uniform entered the room. The skirt is long and the bust is not open, so it is purely a work uniform.

She was probably in her late twenties, with long hair pulled up on the side and a calm and gentle demeanor.

“Um, did I wake you up by any chance?”

Haruto asks the woman who has started preparing drinks at the bar counter, which also serves as the galley kitchen.

“I heard that Haruto-sama was working as a newspaper delivery man until the other day, so I had adjusted my shift to accommodate him, thinking that he would wake up early out of habit. So for me, it is within the scope of my normal duties, so please don’t worry about it.”

With that, she smiles, pours milk tea into a slightly larger mug, and sets it down in front of Haruto.

He thanks her and lifts the cup.

Sitting shallowly on the sofa, he holds the mug with both hands and drinks it while puffing and blowing on it.

Even Haruto, who has a cat-like tongue, can drink the slightly hot milk tea, and the gentle sweetness warms his body.

Thinking about it, the reason it was not so cold even though he was still in his pajamas in the middle of winter was probably because all the rooms were air-conditioned.

Still, the warm drink seemed to warm his body and mind.

“My name is Minato Kirisaki, and I will be taking care of Haruto-sama. Please feel free to consult with me about any questions or concerns you may have, as well as support for your daily life. Oh, I am also a counselor, so please be assured that I will never divulge anything you ask me, even if it is about your grandfather.”

After saying this, Minato looked at Haruto kindly and bowed his head.

“Um, I am looking forward to working with you.”

Usually, the only people of the opposite sex he encounters, other than classmates of the same age, are family members of people related to his workplace, people in the shopping arcade, and other obachan.

However, since yesterday, the only people of the opposite sex he has met have all been older, and all of them are beautiful and of a strange age. Haruto was at a loss as to how to interact with them.

However, he is still an adolescent boy, so he is not without a sense of joy.

“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do from now on. Besides, I was told yesterday that this is my room.”

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now. Besides, they told me yesterday that this is my room.

He works at the newsstand early in the morning, does all the chores at home, and goes to school. After returning home, he spent his days working, doing housework, and studying for homework, with little time for himself.

With the change in environment, he had no idea what he was supposed to do and was just confused and anxious. Of course, he was very happy to meet his grandfather and to be recognized as his grandchild, so he did not regret his decision of coming here.

“I see. First of all, this room, including the bedroom and study, is Haruto-sama’s private room. Therefore, everything in this room belongs to Haruto-sama, and you are free to treat it any way you like. Of course, we will clean the room, but we will not touch the drawers or other storage areas, so you will have to manage them yourself or give us individual instructions.

I will bring you the key and password to the safe in the study, which you can change at your discretion, so you can keep important things there that you don’t want anyone to touch.

As for what to do, I think the first thing you should do is to get used to the house, but I am sure that will not be enough to calm you down, so why don’t you set aside some time to walk around the house and garden, or study for school or exams?”

Haruto exhaled with relief at Minato’s words.

He would have completely outgrown his overstuffed room, but that stack of books was still very appealing. Of course, it would take him years to read them all, but a life surrounded by books was a dream come true for him. At the same time, he realized that he might be able to fulfill another very important wish.

“Um, does Grandpa have time to talk to me today?”

“Master? I believe he was supposed to go out in the afternoon, but he should be here in the morning and later in the evening. I heard that he is going to have breakfast with Haruto-sama as well, so it would be better to check with him then.”

Hearing this, he decided to look forward to seeing Shigeto.

Then, after finishing his milk tea, Haruto changed into the clothes Minato had prepared for him and decided to look at the books in the stacks until breakfast time. He doesn’t read them, he just looks at them. Haruto was not sure how much time he had left, and depending on Shigeto’s answer, he might have to put off reading the book until later.

But for Haruto, just looking at the titles of the books was enough to make him happy, so the time passed quickly.

When the clock turned 7 o’clock, Minato, who had once left the room, came to call for him and led him to Haruto. The destination was the same place where they had dinner yesterday.

There, Shigeto was already present.

“Oh, good morning.”

“Good morning, Haruto Did you sleep well?”

He was looking at a paper that looked like some kind of document with serious eyes, but when he saw Haruto, he broke his facial expression and asked him. Haruto nodded in reply.

As soon as Haruto sat down, a cart carrying food was brought to the table.

For a moment, he was reminded of yesterday’s dinner and wondered what he should do if too many dishes were laid out again, but what was served was a fried egg, sautéed chicken breast, salad, soup, and toast, which was not too much for breakfast. The quantity of food was not too much, as if they knew how much he would eat after seeing his dinner.

Haruto is not usually in the habit of eating breakfast, but it would be rude to say so since they prepared it for him, and it looked very tasty and colorful.

“Um, Grandpa, oh, I’m sorry, Grandfather?” [TLN: He first said ojīchan then changed it to ojīsama]

After finishing his breakfast (although he only ate about half of the toast), Yoto boldly spoke to Shigeto just as the after-dinner drinks were served.

“You can call me whatever you like. But I would be happy if you call me “Grandpa.” So, what’s the matter?”

“Well, I wanted to talk to Grandpa for a bit umm…”

When Yoto hesitates to say anything, Shigeto smiles in a very happy way.

“I’m free in the morning, is that okay? I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to cancel my afternoon plans or not, but I have a few things to say to you.

“Oh, um, just the morning is fine.”

Yoto is flustered when he is told that he has to make time for himself.

He told Shigeto that he was interested in what Shigeto had to say to him, but first, he wanted to talk about his future.


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